2011 Winners

Barbara Falk Award for Teaching Excellence

Mr John Whitehouse - Melbourne Graduate School of Education

David White Award for Teaching Excellence

Associate Professor Ruth Beilin - Resource Management and Geography, Melbourne School of Land and Environment

Edward Brown Award for Teaching Excellence

Dr Jillian Walliss - Melbourne School of Design, Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning

Gerry Barretto Awards for Outstanding Student Services

Two awards presented

Ms Jennifer Gilbert - Melbourne School of Graduate Research

Ms Laurie Ransom - Academic Enrichment Services

Award for Outstanding Leadership of University Teaching

Associate Professor Michelle Livett - School of Physics, Faculty of Science

Norman Curry Award for Innovation and Excellence in Educational Programs

"Peer Review from A to Z for Education (PRAZE)" - Raoul Mulder, Jon Pearce (Faculty of Science), David Adams, Gordon Yau, David Vasjuta, Gavin Leys (Learning Environments).

Feedback is essential to learning, yet across the university sector, student satisfaction scores for this aspect of teaching are routinely low. Several factors contribute to this low rating, including the difficulty of providing detailed feedback in large classes with low staff/student ratios. Involving students in the feedback process through student peer review has numerous well-documented benefits, including improvement in the quality and quantity of helpful feedback, but there is no widely available, flexible and customizable software for managing student peer review. To address this problem, academic staff and Learning Environments specialists at the University of Melbourne collaborated to develop PRAZE, a sophisticated, flexible and customisable online tool designed to facilitate the implementation and administration of student peer review in diverse learning contexts. The program is distinctive in its capacity to enable reciprocal and anonymous peer review by large numbers of students in any discipline or learning context. Since its release in 2008, it has been used in 73 different subjects, representing all six undergraduate degrees taught at the University of Melbourne, and serving almost 10,000 students. Quantitative and qualitative surveys demonstrate that subjects employing PRAZE enjoy sustained improvements in a range of learning outcomes.

Patricia Grimshaw Awards for Mentor Excellence

Professor Doreen Thomas - Mechanical Engineering, Melbourne School of Engineering

Frank Larkins Awards for Outstanding Research Higher Degree Supervision

Professor Mark Elgar - Department of Zoology, Faculty of Science

Award for Excellence and Innovation in Indigenous Higher Education

Leaders in Medical Education (LIME) Network Project

Shaun Ewen, Odette Mazel,  Caitlin Ryan, Erin Nicholls - Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences