Award for Excellence and Innovation in Indigenous Higher Education

Recognising excellence and innovation in the development of curriculum and higher education programs where the subject matter relates to Indigenous Australians.

For the purposes of this award, Indigenous higher education is a broad concept that embraces:

  • curricula and programs for Indigenous students; and
  • curricula and programs for non-Indigenous students, where the subject matter relates to Indigenous Australians.

The activities described may include those within a particular faculty or course; and/or across the University; and/or reaching beyond the University in terms of community engagement. Examples could therefore include teaching Indigenous students; teaching Indigenous Studies; embedding projects about Indigenous development in other curricula; or preparing students to work with Indigenous communities.

Award recipients are acknowledged for their outstanding achievements across the various dimensions of teaching excellence: the inspiration and motivation they provide students; their contribution to the development of curricula and teaching and learning resources; high quality practice in assessment of student learning; their respect for students as individuals; and the various ways in which their scholarly activities have influenced and enhanced learning and teaching.

How to apply