Gerry Barretto Awards for Outstanding Student Services

These awards recognise the outstanding contributions made by professional staff to the quality of students’ University experience. Award recipients are acknowledged for records of excellence and innovation in areas that contribute to a high-quality student experience, delivering services that are sustained over time and are of outstanding quality. The University awards up to two Garry Baretto Awards annually, to individuals and/or teams.

Application Selection Criteria (Applicants must address all criteria):

  • A proven record of excellence and innovation in areas that contribute to creating a high-quality student experience
  • A proven record of delivering sustained service outcomes over time
  • Evidence of outstanding quality of service

All selection criteria will be given equal consideration by the Selection Committee. Applicants should provide sufficient details and evidence to enable the Committee to make judgments according to the selection criteria.

* Please refer to the 2021 Excellence Awards Guidelines for full application criteria

How to apply

About Gerry Barretto

Mr Gerry Barretto was Manager of Examinations, Graduations and Academic Records at the University of Melbourne, and made a 30-year contribution to the University.

The Gerry Barretto Awards were established in recognition of this contribution. Gerry Barretto died in December 2007 at the age of 50 after a short illness.

The Gerry Barretto Awards were established in Gerry Barretto's honour and memory, and are presented annually to professional members of staff who demonstrate excellence in the provision of service to students.