Gerry Barretto Awards for Outstanding Student Services

Recognising professional staff who demonstrate excellence in the provision of service to students.

Award recipients are acknowledged for records of excellence and innovation in areas that contribute to a high quality student experience, delivering services that are sustained over time and are of outstanding quality.

The Awards provide development opportunities for the recipients and benefits to the University through the advancement of its administrative and management practices. The principal objectives of these Awards are to enable professional staff to further develop their expertise and to share what they have learned with University colleagues.

The University usually awards up to two Gerry Barretto Awards annually, to individuals and/or teams. Each award includes a certificate/trophy and a scholarship of up to $10,000.

How to apply

Honor Roll

  • 2015

    Commerce  Student Centre

    (Lead  applicant, Ms Francesca Pecoraro)

    Faculty of  Business and Economics

    For the dedication of the Commerce Student Centre staff in  delivering a high quality service to students, academic staff and colleagues across  the University.

  • 2014

    MBS@ Berkeley Student Centre Team

    For providing the highest standard of student service delivery and support including a targeted program of orientation and transition, ongoing course advice and a comprehensive suite of academic enrichment, careers services and professional development opportunities.


    Science Student Centre Team

    For providing comprehensive services to a large and diverse group of students. Further, for demonstrating their commitment to continually improving service to students and stakeholders, and to embracing new opportunities for collaboration and developing new initiatives.

  • 2013

    Two awards were presented this year

    Phillip O’Neill

    Melbourne Students & Learning

    Phillip returned to a series of student services related roles in 2002 following a former teaching life in Colombia and South Korea. As Manager of the University’s Contact Centre, he is passionate about evolving a high quality service delivery culture in partnership with an engaged, positive, well-trained team of staff. He is also driven by the need to improve the tools and resources required to enable effective service delivery. Fundamental to his work is a commitment to review, re-think and develop initiatives that empower students to navigate their way through a complex range of systems, procedures and information, support them to self-manage core activities, and encourage greater independence as they journey through their course.


    Ms Sandra Woods, Ms Hero Macdonald and Ms Elisa Soerjono

    University Library

    As Library Learning and Development Consultant, Sandra Woods has lead and coordinated many strategically focused ‘people’ initiatives. Her focus is on quality customer service; building organisational capability and learning, and establishing performance and leadership initiatives (such as the Student Library Assistants program) in all elements of planning, recruitment, training and evaluation.

    Hero Macdonald is driven by delivering high quality library services that enhance the experience of students on campus. She has worked as Senior Client Services Librarian in the Baillieu Library since 2010, and over that time has played a key role in the development, ongoing management and evaluation of the Student Library Assistant Program.

    As the team leader of the Student IT group, Elisa Soerjono actively encourages student interns to establish and contribute to an efficient and constructive working environment, with a collective focus and commitment to outstanding support service, and a culture of organised collegiality and friendliness.

  • 2012

    Not awarded in 2012

  • 2011

    Ms Jennifer Gilbert

    Melbourne School of Graduate Research

    Ms Laurie Ransom

    Academic Enrichment Services

  • 2010

    Mr Robert Westerink

    Manager, ESOS and Visa Support, International Student Services, Academic Enrichment Services– more

  • 2009

    Ms Christine Enker

    Manager, International Careers and Employment, Academic Enrichment Services

    Mr Jonathan Norton

    Manager, Counselling Service, Wellbeing Service,  Office of the Provost

  • 2008

    Ms Lisa Hayes

    Course Advising, Melbourne  School of Engineering

    Ms Kathryn Taylor

    Manager, Asian Law Centre and Centre for Islamic Law and Society, Melbourne Law School

About Gerry Barretto

Mr Gerry Barretto was Manager of Examinations, Graduations and Academic Records at the University of Melbourne, and made a 30-year contribution to the University.

The Gerry Barretto Awards were established in recognition of this contribution. Gerry Barretto died in December 2007 at the age of 50 after a short illness.

The Gerry Barretto Awards were established in Gerry Barretto's honour and memory, and are presented annually to professional members of staff who demonstrate excellence in the provision of service to students.