David White Award for Teaching Excellence

The David White Award is an annual, University-wide teaching award that recognises overall teaching excellence in any of the following, or related, fields: Science; Health; Agriculture; and Veterinary Science.

Recipients are acknowledged for their outstanding achievements   across the various elements that constitute excellence in teaching in   higher education: the inspiration and motivation they provide students;   their contribution to the development of curricula and teaching and   learning resources; the high quality practice in assessment of student   learning; their respect for students as individuals; and the various   ways in which their scholarly activities  have influenced and enhanced   learning and teaching.

The University confers up to three Excellence in Teaching Awards annually, normally one per named award. Each award includes a trophy and a grant of $10,000.

How to apply

Honour Roll

  • 2016

    Joint award winners:

    Associate Professor Deborah King, Faculty of Science
    Professor Roy Robins-Browne, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences

  • 2015

    Associate  Professor Gelsomina Borromeo

    Melbourne  Dental School, Faculty of MDHS

    For developing special needs (SN) dentistry from what  it means to clinical competence using lectures, art observation,  drawing/poetry, interactions with SN individuals and clinical experience.

  • 2014

    Associate Professor Michael Pyman

    Faculty of Veterinary Science

    For the wide-ranging and internationally recognised impact of his Dairy Resident Program, the transformative impact of his teaching of cattle medicine to undergraduates, and his dairy industry achievements which he uses to enhance his teaching.

  • 2013

    Dr Jenny Hayes

    Department of Anatomy and Neuroscience

    Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry, and Health Sciences

    Jenny Hayes is a passionate teacher of anatomy with an outstanding reputation for designing and providing learning opportunities that engage and motivate students in clinically applied anatomy. Jenny uses a variety of approaches including a structured lecture series where the emphasis is on exploring difficult concepts and reinforcing anatomical principles, innovative and interactive practical classes, and dissection classes which contextualize the learning and revision of anatomy and pathology and encourage humanistic qualities of respect, empathy and compassion. In 2012 Jenny organized a formal service of gratitude to which the family and friends of body donors were invited to meet with the staff and students of the Department of Anatomy and Neuroscience.

  • 2012

    Professor Geoff Shaw

    Department of Zoology, Faculty of Science

  • 2011

    Associate Professor Ruth Beilin

    Resource Management and Geography, Melbourne School of Land and Environment

  • 2010

    Mr John Rayner

    School of Resource Management, Melbourne School of Land and Environment

    in the area of urban horticulture – more

  • 2009

    Dr Laura Parry

    Department of Zoology, Faculty of Science

    in areas such as research ethics and mamalian reproduction – more

  • 2008

    Associate Professor Catherine Bennett

    School of Population Health, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences

    in areas such as public health and epidemiology – more

  • 2007

    Professor Andrew Gleadow

    School of Earth Sciences, Faculty of Science

    in areas such as geological imaging – more

  • 2006

    Associate Professor Raoul Mulder

    Department of Zoology, Faculty of Science

    in areas such as animal behaviour and evolutionmore

  • 2005

    Associate Professor Marilys Guillemin &

    Associate Professor Lynn Gillam

    School of Population Health, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences

    team teaching in areas such as population health and health ethics – more (GuilleminGillam)

  • 2004

    Associate Professor Dawn Gleeson

    Department of Genetics, Faculty of Science

    in areas such as biological sciences and Mendelian genetics – more

  • 2003

    Professor Ian Malkin

    Melbourne Law School

    in areas such as Legal Methods and Torts Lawmore

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