Patricia Grimshaw Awards for Mentor Excellence

This award recognises excellence in the mentoring of University colleagues, both professional and academic. Award recipients are acknowledged for their outstanding contributions as mentors, involving: a sustained record of effective mentoring, exceptional skills in the provision of support and the sharing of knowledge and respect for the development of colleagues as individuals.

Mentor: An individual who serves with positive influence as an experienced and trusted advisor in encouraging and promoting the professional development of others.
Mentorship: A mentorship is a relationship formed between a mentor and mentee with the goal of mutually sharing knowledge and expertise.

Application Selection Criteria (Applicants must address all criteria):

  • An established and sustained record of effectively mentoring others
  • Skill at providing support and sharing knowledge with mentees
  • Respect for the development of colleagues as individuals

All selection criteria will be given equal consideration by the Selection Committee. Applicants should provide sufficient details and evidence to enable the Committee to make judgments according to the selection criteria.

* Please refer to the 2021 Excellence Awards Guidelines for full application criteria

How to apply

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