Sessional Teachers

The Melbourne Sessional Teachers' Handbook

Chi Baik (2016)

This handbook has been prepared specifically for University of Melbourne teachers who are employed on a sessional, short term or casual basis. It provides a broad framework that can be used by sessional teachers to plan their teaching and to reflect on the role they play in supporting and influencing student learning. As well, it offers practical advice and strategies for the classroom.
This handbook takes a ‘whole-of-university’ approach to teaching and learning and therefore does not attempt to cover the specific teaching settings or requirements in departments and faculties. Depending on a teacher’s disciplinary background and personal approach to teaching, parts of this handbook may be more useful and relevant than others. Teachers should also refer to induction materials, handbooks or guides produced by their departments or faculties.

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Tutoring in Interdisciplinary Subjects

Meredith Nash (2011)

In this guide, you will find a range of tools and strategies to help you to become a more effective tutor in an interdisciplinary classroom. Beginning with some of the basic requirements for initiating an interdisciplinary process in your tutorials as well as techniques for troubleshooting common concerns and challenges, it is my hope that you will see this guide as a 'tool kit'; essential information that you can consult on the go' and that will help you to feel more confident and prepared when it comes to 'doing' interdisciplinary teaching.

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Online Induction for Sessional Teachers

The Online Induction for Sessional Teachers (OIST) is a self-guided, interactive online course for sessional teachers at the University of Melbourne. It explores educational theory including principles of small group teaching, strategies for student engagement, feedback, encouraging active learning and self-evaluation techniques, and includes a final task of critiquing a filmed tutorial.

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Teaching Skills for Graduate Researchers

Teaching Skills for Graduate Researchers (TSGR) is specifically designed for currently enrolled graduate researchers at the University of Melbourne who are new to teaching. This program consists of three workshops that introduce the fundamentals of effective teaching for learning in higher education settings.

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Advanced Skills for Sessional Teachers

This one-day program is designed for experienced sessional teachers who wish to enhance their teaching skills, improve student learning and explore the possibilities for developing their careers as university teachers. The program focuses on common teaching challenges in a range of teaching contexts and includes the opportunity to interact with colleagues from various disciplines in the University.

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Melbourne Teaching Certificate

The Melbourne Teaching Certificate (MTC) is a professional development program for University of Melbourne and affiliated staff with teaching-related responsibilities. It is a cohort-based program completed across one semester comprising two face-to-face seminars, a written assignment and a presentation.

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First Time Teachers

This page houses a number of documents from a range of Faculties, School and  Departments, in which support is offered to colleagues who are new to teaching at the University of Melbourne.

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