The Student Experience in Higher Education

Research themes

This research stream explores students’ experiences of contemporary higher education and the factors that affect the quality of their experiences and educational outcomes. Projects in this research stream adopt mixed-method approaches to examine questions about:

Research group

  • Professor Chi Baik, Deputy Director and Professor in Higher Education
  • Professor Sophie Arkoudis, Director and Professor in Higher Education
  • Professor Raoul Mulder, Professor in Evolutionary Ecology and Higher Education
  • Associate Professor Wendy Larcombe, Honorary Principal Fellow
  • Dr Tracii Ryan, Lecturer in Higher Education
  • Dr James Waghorne, History of the University Unit
  • Dr Samantha Marangell, Lecturer
  • Jiadi Cai, Graduate Researcher
  • Claudia Andrea Rivera Munoz, Postdoctoral Researcher
  • Ben Symon, Graduate Researcher
  • Dr Dina Uzhegova, Program Coordinator
  • Boya Zhao, Graduate Researcher
  • Yan Zhang, Graduate Researcher


For more information and interest in research collaborations, please contact Professor Chi Baik.