Exploring students’ changing experiences of an internationalised university


This project explores how university students’ expectations and experiences of an internationalised university have changed since the recent pandemic. While challenges for international education have existed for decades, challenges around improving the student experience of internationalisation are particularly poignant at the moment given the continued restrictions to global student mobility (which had long been a primary medium for and measure of university internationalisation). This project will increase understanding of students’ post-pandemic perspectives as well as whether their perspectives and experiences have changed since 2018. This increased understanding will support efforts to better facilitate students’ experiences within the changing context of higher education.


This project aims to incorporate students’ own perceptions on the internationalised university into the conversation on how to better provide an internationalised university experience for all students. It will utilise a short electronic survey to explore students’ expectations and experiences. It will then explore the extent to which previously identified sentiments have changed.


  • Dr Samantha Marangell, The University of Melbourne
  • Dr Giuseppe D’Orazzi, The University of Melbourne


Melbourne Graduate School of Education Researcher Development Scheme


Proposed outcomes include two journal publications, an article in Pursuit, a project report, and future grant applications to extend the research.

More information

Dr Samantha Marangell, Melbourne CSHE, The University of Melbourne