Melbourne Teaching Certificate


Melbourne Teaching Certificate (MTC)

The Melbourne Teaching Certificate (MTC) is a professional development program for University of Melbourne and affiliated staff with teaching-related responsibilities. It is a cohort-based program completed across one semester comprising two face-to-face seminars, a written assignment, peer review and a teaching portfolio.

This program is suitable for new and experienced, contract and continuing staff of the University of Melbourne; from sessional teachers, graduate researchers and other staff conducting teaching- related activities through to professors. It is also recommended for staff who are not currently able to commit to the full Graduate Certificate in University Teaching ,but who are looking for a structured professional development program in university teaching. Please note that it is a requirement that program participants have teaching-related responsibilities in the semester in which they undertake the program.

Please note: The MTC involves face-to-face and online activities throughout the semester. The total time commitment will be approximately 50 hours spread throughout the semester.

Suitable for: Academic or professional staff with some teaching experience

Availability: one day intensive, one optional consultation session and one half-day final forum delivered in each semester

Graduate researchers: please refer to the Teaching Skills for Graduate Researchers (TSGR) program page.

One day introduction to teaching at Melbourne: please see the Teaching @ Melbourne program for a single day introduction program


At the completion of the Melbourne Teaching Certificate, participants should:

  • Demonstrate theoretical and practical ideas and strategies for enhancing learning and teaching;
  • Collaborate with colleagues from diverse academic and teaching backgrounds;
  • Critically discuss challenges experienced in their particular teaching contexts;
  • Acquire an appreciation of the scholarly underpinnings of learning and teaching practice in higher education;
  • Document evidence of excellence, expertise and scholarship in teaching;
  • Gain insights into the particular teaching environment of the University of Melbourne.

Program structure

There are four components to this course which must be completed by participants.

  • Component 1: Forum and wiki task

    A program of seminars covering the essentials of university teaching, including some of the theories behind good practice principles, assessment of student learning and graduate education. Time commitment: One full day. The wiki task will involve small groups preparing a wiki within the LMS on a topic to be determined in the forum session. Groups will also begin work on the wiki in the forum. The point of this is to both give participants an experience of working collaboratively online within the constraints of the LMS environment and to expose the cohort to some of the main issues in learning and teaching in higher education.

    Time commitment: ~ 10 hours (beyond forum time)

  • Component 2: Peer review of wikis

    During the review period, all participants are to read and provide a brief comment on four of the wikis only. These comments are not to be lengthy and this process is not expected to be onerous. Comments should be of around 100 words. Participants will provide the group with constructive comments about the topic of their wiki based on participants’ experience as a student and/or teacher.

    Time commitment: 10 hours

  • Component 3: Teaching portfolio

    A teaching portfolio is an important means by which teaching related performance and development are documented. Portfolios can take many forms and can include different sub-sections and types of evidence in support of practice across different disciplines. One of the main considerations in the development of a teaching portfolio is that it has personal and professional relevance. By this, it is meant that each portfolio will be unique to each individual based on discipline, teaching experience, subjects taught etc. While this may sound daunting, resources and advice will be provided during the MTC program to assist with the creation of a portfolio. A consultation session to discuss aspects of the portfolio is also scheduled during the semester for advice on creating the portfolio.

    Time commitment: Approximately 20 hours

  • Component 4: Three minute lesson and final forum

    The final task of the Melbourne Teaching Certificate is practical in nature. The three minute lesson is an opportunity to share teaching practices across the group. The three minute lesson can be delivered via a video or during the final forum session. Participants are encouraged to attempt to deliver their lesson via video but the face-to-face option is also available. Attendance at the final forum session is highly recommended even if participants choose to deliver their three minute lesson via video. .

    Time commitment: 10 hours (including final forum)

Participants must attend all components of the program. A certificate is awarded on satisfactory completion of all program components.

Fee and entry requirements

Participants must have teaching responsibilities at the University of Melbourne in the semester in which they undertake the program.

There are no fees and no direct charges to departments, schools or faculties as this program is provided by the University of Melbourne as a service to its staff.

Program schedule and registration

The program is offered in semesters 1 and 2, with two start dates in each semester. Participants only need to participate in one offering or group.

Please register by clicking on the 'Register' link associated with your preferred group/start date. Note that by registering for a particular group you are acknowledging that you will attend both the class and forum components listed for that group.

  • Group A (semester 1)


    Registrations will open in mid January 2018.

  • Group B (semester 1)


    Registrations will open in mid January 2018.

  • Group C (semester 2)


    Registrations will open in mid March  2018.

  • Group D (semester 2)


    Registrations will open in mid January 2018.

More information

For queries regarding this program please contact the Program Coordinator:

Dr Jason Lodge
T: +61 3 8344 2659

For assistance with registrations, please contact:

Ms Aminata Doumbia
T: +61 3 8344 5355