MPRT class observation

Class observation

An important part of the MPRT program is the observation of your classroom teaching (or online equivalent) by a member of the College of Reviewers.

The purpose of the observation is to review how well you deliver a class and engage students.

When you submit an application to have your teaching reviewed, you will be asked to indicate the class you’d like observed. The observation will last for up to one hour (maximum), so if you are teaching a 3-hour class, please choose which hour you would like observed. If you are unsure, we advise that you choose the first hour as it will include your introduction of the topic and session. Having a reviewer in your class from the start is also likely to be the less disruptive than having them join in middle of the session.

After the observation, you can expect a written a report from you reviewer within 2-3 weeks. This report will be a holistic review of your teaching based on the teaching portfolio, subject outline and class observation.

After receiving the reviewer’s report, you will have the opportunity to submit a short response.