The Higher Education Teaching Research Nexus webinar series


This six-episode webinar series invites Deans of Teaching and Learning from the University of Melbourne to explore the interface between teaching and research across various disciplines. Join us to hear from a panel of experts as they consider a range of issues at the nexus of teaching and research.

These free sessions will be held bi-monthly and are open to the University of Melbourne Staff, partners and members of the wider Higher and vocational education community, their partners, and the public.

Benefits of attending

  • Participate in robust discussions with senior university leaders including Deans and Associate Deans
  • Connect with peers and colleagues from the wider higher education and vocational education communities
  • Have your questions and issues answered and discussed in real time

Suitable for

Early and Mid-Career lecturers and academic or teaching staff looking to engage in lively discussions on the issues surrounding the teaching-research nexus in the context of various disciplines.

Anyone with an interest in the intersections of teaching research, building or improving transdisciplinary research networks or TR nexuses within their institutions or exploring collaborative educational research.


This series is a collaboration with and funded by the Researcher Development Unit (RDU).


  • Episode 1 Friday 18 March, 12.001.00pm (watch)
  • Episode 2 Friday 20 May, 12.001.00pm
  • Episode 3 Friday 17 June, 12.001.00pm
  • Episode 4 Friday 19 August, 12.001.00pm
  • Episode 5 Friday 14 October, 12.001.00pm
  • Episode 6 Friday 9 December, 12.001.00pm

Please note that registration is essential. Once you have registered, you will receive an email with the link and instructions on how to join the webinar.


Episode 2, Friday 20 May

Title: Developing your teaching-research nexus: Identity, performance & methodologies


For early and mid-career researchers (ECR & MCR), balancing the priorities of research and teaching is challenging. Forming a healthy teaching and research nexus helps us meet this challenge. Success, however, often involves trial and error. We can avoid some knockbacks, though, by engaging with colleagues who have succeeded at establishing and sustaining a healthy T-R nexus.

In this session of THETRN, panellists will reflect upon experiences, offer advice, and answer questions about developing a healthy, sustainable relationship between teaching and research. The session is organised around three key topics in the T-R nexus: identity, performance, and methodologies. We begin by discussing different intentions in forming a T-R nexus, and how intentions shape and sustain professional identities. We then discuss practical concerns for ECR and MCR staff, including workflow modelling and identifying useful tools and resources to enhance performance. We conclude with a discussion on how to evaluate whether a given methodology will allow us to perform efficiently and effectively in the T-R space.

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