Managing Quality Audits & Reviews in Tertiary Education

Subject overview

Equip yourself with the skills to understand, plan and manage quality audits
Internal and external quality audits and reviews are now ubiquitous in tertiary education. This subject will equip you with knowledge and skills to understand, plan and manage quality audits and reviews in tertiary education. Current challenges and models for quality assurance and audit will be discussed but the focus will be on the practical aspects of managing audit and review activities to add value by improving organisational and academic effectiveness. Internal, related party and external audit models are explored, as the subject is designed to be relevant to both institutional managers and practitioners in agencies.

This single subject is suitable for leaders and managers in higher education institutes, as well as academics in leadership roles.

You will be involved in context based discussions, so it is highly desirable that you are currently engaged in tertiary education in some way.

  • Subject structure

    This subject is delivered entirely online. On average, each subject requires 18-22 hours of study per week. However, the time will vary based on individual task management and planning skills, familiarity with the material, reading style and speed.

    Delivery modes

    You can choose to undertake either the non-assessed or assessed mode.

    Non-assessed mode
    In the non-assessed mode, you will undertake and finish the compulsory components only. These are made up of four discussion board tasks and three webinars held at set times.

    Assessed mode
    In the assessed mode, you first undertake and finish the compulsory components, i.e. the four discussion board tasks and three webinars held at set times. You then submit a 3000-word essay at the end of the subject.

    If you successfully complete the assessed mode, you gain 12.5 credit points which will be credited towards our Master of Tertiary Education (Management) or Graduate Certificate programs.

    Please contact us if you would like more information about how this matriculation process works.

  • Subject code and dates

    Subject code: MGMT90245

    Dates: Term 2, 2019

  • Entry requirements

    To satisfy our entry requirements you will need to have an undergraduate degree and be currently employed in the tertiary education sector.

  • Fees and scholarships


    The cost of studying this subject is:

    Assessed mode: A$4,180 (2018 fee)

    Non-assessed mode: A$3,352 (2018 fee)

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    Fees include course materials, but do not include text books (if applicable).


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  • Learning outcomes

    On completion, you should understand:

    • The strengths and weaknesses of the growing convergence of ‘traditional’ models of quality audit and review in tertiary education and business models for organisational effectiveness;
    • How to plan and design a quality audit or review activity for first-party, second-party and third-party relationships in tertiary education;
    • How to manage a credible independent quality audit process of a tertiary program or institution, including managing political and environmental elements;
    • How to identify improvements to current systems and the implications of new developments for tertiary education quality audit and review.

How to apply

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