Internationalisation of the curriculum

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What is Internationalisation of the Curriculum?

Internationalisation of the Curriculum (IoC) is an initiative to incorporate international and/or intercultural elements into curricula. There are multiple ways to do this, including by using international case studies and examples, inviting international guest lecturers, incorporating diverse cultural perspectives, and encouraging students to share their diverse experiences and views in class.

There are many documented benefits of intercultural teaching and learning. The CSHE has prepared a concise literature review summarising the empirical literature on the benefits of intercultural learning for university students.

Literature review (PDF 418.6 KB)

IoC at the University of Melbourne

Where can I learn more?

Access the University of Melbourne’s IoC website, designed to provide staff with an overview of IoC strategies and with practical tools, ideas, and examples for adding international or intercultural elements to the curricula.

Access the University’s IoC site (staff only)