Dr David Bowser

David combines his strong analytical capacity, innate curiosity and enthusiasm to develop insights that can be embraced by organisations and readily implemented by staff. He advises clients in highly regulated sectors including education, financial services and healthcare specialising in strategy, marketing, product development, and organisational change engagements.

David is currently CEO and Founder of Curio, a collective of creatively inspired, intellectually curious advisors, educators and product developers. Working across education, health and financial service sectors, Curio seek opportunities to solve problems and help organizations make better decisions and design better client experiences.

Workshop Thursday 25 October, 11:30am - 1pm

New business models in the thriving education start-up sector

University delivery of education has not changed significantly in its 800-year existence. That was until the turn of our century. Over the last 15 years, technology has had a significant impact not only in how courses are designed and delivered, but also in how students are attracted, enrolled, managed and supported by their university. At the same time, consideration of new business models has grown exponentially, with a myriad of education technology start-ups being funded by private investors or education providers themselves. Following leads in other sectors where technology has transformed the customer experience such as financial services and telecommunications, higher education can learn many lessons on how new business models are delivering the needs of customers in very different ways.

Learning objectives

In this workshop we will briefly discuss some of the learnings for higher education from other sectors and then develop a number of new business models that could impact on service delivery in universities.

  1. Understand the impact of technology and new business models on customer experience in other sectors
  2. Develop and understand techniques for thinking about new business models as wells as the usefulness of a number of common tools used in their development
  3. Apply an understanding of new business models to the higher education sector and in turn develop your own business model canvas.