Mr Ray Fleming

Mr Ray Fleming, Higher Education Director, Microsoft Australia

Ray Fleming is the Higher Education Director for Microsoft Australia, and has spent his career working within the education ICT industry. From working with tertiary education organisations at global and national level, Ray brings insights into the rapid pace of change being seen as digital disruption occurs in other industries, and what might happen next in Australia’s universities. In the past Ray’s been an award-winning writer and columnist for the Times Education.

Ray is a regular speaker at higher education conferences in Australia, including the Universities Australia conference, and a range of conferences on Business Improvement, Business Intelligence, and University Student Retention; and conferences for Library Directors, Business Intelligence Directors and IT Directors.

Opening Keynote: Thursday 25 October

Student Satisfaction: Personalising for every student

Ray Fleming, Microsoft Australia's Higher Education Director, started last year's conference with some challenging thoughts for the audience, some ideas for change and some case studies of the future. This year, picking up where he left off, Ray is going to take us further into the conference theme of Student Experience, and he's promised another 'choose your own adventure' keynote - demonstrating what mass personalisation could look like and how technological change could be a threat or an ally for Australian universities.

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The challenge for many University leaders is that they want to see, and make change, but are often hamstrung by the fact that they can’t get momentum going. And it won’t surprise you to learn that’s the same in other large organisations. In this workshop, Ray Fleming from Microsoft Australia, will shares stories and 3 key themes of change from Microsoft’s recent journey (changing culture, changing decision making, and changing product offerings); discuss how each of them relate to change in universities; and help participants workshop their own change- maker role within their own organisation.

You’ll leave the workshop with some ‘one- mouse-click’ ideas to make change, some ideas for creating agile change by bringing colleagues on board, and some stories, from inside and outside the sector, of how others are making change with and through technology.