Book launch: Changing Higher Education for a Changing World

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Cathleen Benevento

Book Launch

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Changing Higher Education for a Changing World explores higher education in the major higher education regions including China, Europe, the UK and the USA. It sharply illuminates key issues of public and policy interest across the world. Do research universities make society more equal or more unequal? Are students graduating with too much debt? Who do we want to be attending universities? Will learning technologies abolish the need for bricks-and-mortar higher education institutions? What can countries do to improve their scientific performance? How can comparative teaching assessment and research assessment become much more effective?

Following an introduction by co-editors William Locke and Simon Marginson, other contributors discussed their chapters*, with time after this for Q&A, chaired by co-editor Claire Callender.

This webinar was jointly presented by the Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education and the Centre for Global Higher Education.


Professor Claire Callender, Birkbeck and UCL Institute of Education

Professor William Locke, Director, Melbourne CSHE

Professor Simon Marginson, Director, Centre for Global Higher Education

Professor Bruce Chapman, Australian National University

Professor Lorraine Dearden, UCL Institute of Education

Dr Dung Doan, Australian National University

Professor Nian Cai Liu, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (China)

Dr Lin Tian, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

*Bruce Chapman, Lorraine Dearden & Dung Doan: ‘Global Higher Education Financing: The Income-Contingent Loans Revolution’
Lin Tian & Nian Cai Liu: ‘Higher Education in China: Rethinking It as a Common Good’
William Locke: ‘Visions of Higher Education Futures: The Shape of Things to Come?’

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