2021 Grand Final

Videos of the 2021 University of Melbourne 3MT®
winners and finalists

Winner: Cassie McDonald - More than a place to wait: Untapped potential of hospital waiting areas

Runner Up: Catriona Nguyen-Robertson - A handshake to shake off tuberculosis

People's Choice:
Mikhail Dias - Jurassic Tumour: The lost gene


Rieneke Weij - Cave dripstones: Are rocks from the past our key to the future?

Rebecca Mitchell - The DOTS study

Xingkun Xu - Improve the prediction of hurricanes

Paola Villanueva - Vaccine safety numbers

Sachinthani Karunarathne - Tree Beards are real: How do trees GENETICALLY continue to grow?

Megan Iminitoff - Back-up genes: Restoring balance in Prader-Willi syndrome

Isadora Reynolds - Mind the gap: Understanding second language fluency


Francesca Bolk - Piece by piece - mending broken hearts

Greg Peiris - Resolution to cancer care access