Cornelius Regan Trust Award

This trust originated from a bequest of £5,000 from the will of Cornelius Regan to the University in 1943. The net income of the trust may be used by academic and professional staff to assist them to attend a relevant course of study, to attend a career development program or for other educational purposes in connection with their work at the University. The proposed development activity must be linked to a specific project and/or outcome. The objective of any award from this fund is to provide recognition and assistance to academic and professional staff, by enabling them to pursue a worthwhile activity in relation to their work. In 2021 the University may award up to two Cornelius Regan Trust Awards.

Application Selection Criteria (Applicants must address all criteria):

  • Proven record of excellence and innovation in the applicant’s work
  • The proposed development activity is distinctive, coherent and clear in its purpose and links to a specific project/outcome
  • The proposed development activity demonstrates potential for career development
  • The proposed development activity shows breadth of impact across the University and discipline/department (addressing short-term and long-term tangible outcomes)
  • The applicant has the ability to be a good ‘ambassador’ for the University

All selection criteria will be given equal consideration by the Selection Committee. Applicants should provide sufficient details and evidence to enable the Committee to make judgments according to the selection criteria.

* Please refer to the 2021 Excellence Awards Guidelines for full application criteria

How to apply