Melbourne Global, Place and Community Excellence Awards

2022 Awards

The Melbourne Global, Place and Community Excellence Awards recognise exemplary practice in the strategic pillars of Global, Place and Community as expressed in the University strategy 2030, Advancing Melbourne. At the heart of Global, Place and Community is collaboration. Purposeful and meaningful engagement and collaboration with our students, staff, alumni, and partners to achieve shared outcomes that are for the benefit of our communities and society. All Melbourne Global, Place and Community Excellence Awards are open to academic and professional staff.

Award for Excellence in Indigenous Collaborations

This award recognises co-designed and delivered subjects, research linkages and initiatives with Indigenous organisations and partners that contribute to advancing Indigenous knowledge, partnerships and outcomes. (Eg. Indigenous Studies Centre - Introduction to Indigenous Cultures and Knowledges, Wilin Centre for Indigenous Arts and Cultural Development On Country Learning and Research Unit for Indigenous Arts and Cultures (RUIAC)).

Award for Excellence in Place-based Initiatives

This award recognises outstanding initiatives in Melbourne, regional and remote areas that demonstrate collaboration with diverse partners and achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

Award for Excellence in Building and Strengthening Student Diversity

This award recognises outstanding initiatives that create pathways to diversify student cohort and/or engagement programs that benefit the student experience. Activities to be considered may include recruitment, selection and retention efforts, teaching, student support or community outreach activities.

Award for Excellence in Building Student Connection and Belonging

This award recognises staff who have demonstrated outstanding commitment to enhancing student connection and belonging, especially through co-curricular and extra-curricular activities and programs. A particular focus of this award is on outstanding contributions to the University’s Academic Advising program.

Award for Excellence in Public Benefit

This award recognises exemplar programs, events and publications that contribute to public debate on the issues affecting society. This may include how nominees have responded to, and influenced, communities of interest beyond the academy, and creatively applied academic resources to create impact.

Patricia Grimshaw Award for Mentor Excellence

This award recognises excellence in the mentoring of University colleagues, whether professional, academic or both. Award recipients are acknowledged for their outstanding contributions as mentors, involving: a sustained record of effective mentoring, exceptional skills in the provision of support and the sharing of knowledge and respect for the development of colleagues as individuals.

Nomination Criteria for all Melbourne Global, Place and Community Awards

Nominators should provide evidence to support the nomination in the respective award category, using the forms of evidence that best makes their case. This may include but is not limited to the following:

  • Demonstrated collaboration with University (students, academics, professional staff) and external partners
  • Evidence both quantitative and qualitative to demonstrate the outcomes, learning and future impact of the collaborative initiatives, including, where appropriate, references from external partners
  • Clear alignment with Advancing Melbourne and priorities, including the University’s commitment to serve and contribute to the City of Melbourne, Northeast Arnhem Land and the Goulburn Valley
  • Advancing Melbourne goals should be recognised, among them interdisciplinarity, collegiality, community impact, and regional and global reach
  • Demonstrated community/partner involvement, reciprocity and co-design and creation

How to apply