Citations for Outstanding Contributions

The Citations, one of the categories of the Australian Awards for University Teaching, recognise staff who have made a sustained and significant contribution to the quality of student learning in a specific area.

2020 Citation Recipient

  • Associate Professor Gavin Buskes - Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology

    For creating innovative, engaging, and inspiring learning environments utilising authentic assessment activities to motivate and inspire engineering students to enhance their learning outcomes.

    Associate Professor Gavin Buskes

2018 Citation Recipient

  • Dr Selina Parry - Department of Physiotherapy, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences

    For introducing immersive learning and peer teaching, and creating extracurricular opportunities within cardiorespiratory physiotherapy education worldwide.

    Dr Selina Parry

2016 Citation Recipients

  • Associate Professor Deborah King - School of Mathematics and Statistics

    For impacting student success through the development and dissemination of innovative teaching and assessment practices in large enrolment mathematics classes.

    Associate Professor Deborah King

2015 Citation Recipients

  • Dr Marcus White - Melbourne School of Design: Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning

    For developing innovative urban design studio teaching approaches and emerging technology resources for exploring critical global challenges.

  • Professor Lesley Stirling - School of Languages and Linguistics, Faculty of Arts

    For sustained commitment to promoting a faculty culture of mentoring, for both students and staff, to create an environment where students can thrive.

  • Dr Dominique Hes - Melbourne School of Design, Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning

    For inspiring students to be life-long learners connected to their environment through embedding sustainable architectural knowledge and action.

  • Associate Professor Gelsomina Borromeo - Melbourne Dental School, Faculty of Medicine, Dental and Health Sciences

    Fordeveloping a greater understanding of special needs dentistry by students through innovative teaching approaches.

2014 Citation Recipients

Pictured: Associate Professor Andrew Melatos (Physics), Associate Professor Jenny Hayes, Dr Melanie Plesch (Music) and Ms Bronwyn Tarrant (Nursing).
  • Associate Professor Jennifer Hayes - Department of Anatomy and Neuroscience

    For sustained excellence in developing innovative approaches to students' learning and engagement in clinical anatomy.

  • Associate Professor Andrew Melatos - Department of Physics

    For sustained impact in physics postgraduate supervision, distinguished by a 100 per cent completion rate and prestigious peer-reviewed articles, international prizes, and 'knowledge economy' jobs for graduates.

  • Dr Melanie Plesch - Melbourne Conservatorium of Music

    For sustained commitment to fostering a culture of research-led performance by creating relevant experiences that help music students see the connection between research and performance.

  • Ms Bronwyn Tarrant - Department of Nursing

    For excellence in the development of curricular and e-learning resources to bridge the theory practice gap in nursing education.

2013 Citation Recipients

  • Dr Wayne Atkinson - School of Social & Political Science: Faculty of Arts

    For Oncountry Learning: A decade--long Indigenous Studies initiative that is highly original and inspirational in its teaching style and leads to transformational outcomes for students.

  • Dr Julie Evans - School of Social and Political Sciences: Faculty of Arts

    For developing innovative research-led curricula that mainstreams Indigenous issues and brings critical international scholarship on criminal and social justice into direct conversation with students.

  • Associate Professor Jeremy Gans, Associate Professor Andrew Palmer - Melbourne Law School

    For radically transforming the ability of students to understand evidence law through innovation in curriculum and pedagogy.

  • Dr Emma Kowal - School of Social and Political Sciences: Faculty of Arts

    For excellence in innovative, interdisciplinary, research-led teaching in Indigenous studies that has inspired students to critically and sensitively reflect on, and broaden, their perspectives.

  • Associate Professor Lea Waters, Dr Helen Stokes, Ms Fiona Luck - Melbourne Graduate School of Education

    For the design of an innovative Master in School Leadership that uses positive psychology, appreciative inquiry and action--research to create evidence--based, positive change in schools.

  • Professor Mary Wlodek - Physiology: Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences and Melbourne School of Graduate Research

    For sustained leadership in establishing institution-wide policy and best practice in research supervision, and outstanding contributions to mentoring Research Higher Degree students and early-career researchers.

2012 University OLT citation recipients

Left to right: Dr Warren Sellers, Prof. Richard James, Dr Katrina Skewes McFerran, Prof. Margaret Sheil, Mr Matthew Bell, Dr David O'Brien and Assoc. Prof. David Beckett.
  • Associate Professor David Beckett - Melbourne Graduate School of Education

    For two decades of exemplary research supervision that has instantiated adult learning principles and practices in the field of education and across the university

  • Mr Matthew Bell - Melbourne Law School

    For sustained excellence in curriculum design and teaching of subjects and programs at the nexus of law and construction, designed to develop outstanding interdisciplinary professionals

  • Associate Professor Alison Duxbury - Melbourne Law School

    For sustained excellence in engaging students with real life issues, events and examples across diverse disciplinary and interdisciplinary subjects, thus promoting their active global citizenship

  • Professor Stephen Kent - Department of Microbiology and Immunology, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences

    For excellence in PhD student supervision in the field of HIV vaccines that has facilitated students flourishing as future researchers and scientists

  • Dr Katrina Skewes McFerran - Melbourne Conservatorium of Music

    For teaching that promotes interdisciplinary knowledge sharing and engages all students in critically considering the transformative potential of music for transcending diversity and promoting connectedness

  • Dr David O'Brien - Faculty of Architecture Building and Planning

    For innovative and collaborative approaches to engaging architecture students with Indigenous communities to realise development projects alongside local partners

2011 University ALTC citation recipients

  • Dr Shanton Chang - Department of Information Systems: Faculty of Science

    Excellence in providing students with cross-cultural learning experiences through internationalised curricula that builds cultural awareness and promotes peer-learning among students from diverse backgrounds.

  • Dr Wendy Larcombe - Melbourne Law School

    Sustained innovation and achievement in development of learning support services for law students, and excellence in classroom teaching and curriculum design in law.

  • Associate Professor Michelle Livett - School of Physics: Faculty of Science

    For a decade of leadership of teaching and the development of curricula and programs to support transition, engagement and learning for science students.

  • Mr John Rayner - School of Resource Management: Faculty of Land and Food Resources

    For contributions to student learning in horticulture through sustained scholarly practice leading to development of teaching and advancement of the discipline.

  • Professor Doreen Thomas - Department of Mechanical Engineering: Melbourne School of Engineering

    For a sustained commitment to inspiring a culture of excellence in teaching and learning as a leader in the field of engineering.

  • Associate Professor John Tobin - Melbourne Law School

    For ongoing dedication to developing innovative and collaborative approaches to student learning and engagement in human rights law both in and beyond the classroom.

  • Associate Professor Tania Voon, Associate Professor Andrew Mitchell, Associate Professor Bruce Oswald - Melbourne Law School

    For excellence in curriculum design and the provision of innovative, authentic learning experiences in the field of international law.

2010 University ALTC citation recipients

ALTC Citattion winners 2010
  • Professor Kate Darian-Smith - Historical and Philosophical Studies

    For over ten years' commitment to supervision ensuring the success of diverse postgraduate students researching across disciplines in humanities and creative arts, institutionally and nationally.

  • Professor Mark Elgar - Evolutionary Biology

    An exemplary record of providing individually adapted supervision, support and mentoring that equips students with the skills and confidence to flourish as independent research scientists.

  • Mr Clinton Golding - Melbourne Graduate School of Education

    For 'educating for thinking' through the development and implementation of thought-provoking curricula, resources and scholarly activities across disciplines, resulting in critical, creative and insightful students.

  • Ms Sunita Jogarajan - Law

    For ongoing dedication and innovation in engaging and enthusing widely diverse cohorts of students in their study of the traditionally daunting subject of taxation law.

  • Mr Clifford Ogleby - Engineering

    For 29 years of excellence in motivating students to become skilled professional leaders in surveying, mapping and spatial information, with an empathetic world view.

  • Ms Sara Pheasant - Melbourne Research Office

    For enhancing students' experience of learning through embedding procedural fairness and equality into administrative processes, encouraging greater transparency and institutional responsiveness to individuals' circumstances.

  • Professor Marilyn Renfree - Zoology

    For over three decades of inspirational supervision and long-term career mentoring of research higher degree students, with outstanding outcomes for students in the life sciences.

  • Professor Rachel Webster - Physics

    For creating an exceptional research training culture, inspiring and supporting early researchers to achieve excellence in the astrophysics field, and more broadly as research scholars.

2009 University ALTC citation recipients

Photo:L-R: Dr David Pitt, Professor Jack Keating, Dr Veronica Volkoff, Mr Garry Thomson (on behalf of Mr Jonathan Norton),
Ms Margo Collins, Professor Greg Whitwell, Dr Jennifer Conn, Dr Sean Pinder, Dr Ruth Sutherland, Associate Professor Neil Strathmore,
Ms Christine Enker, Professor Gordon Lynch, Dr Laura Parry, Associate Professor John Polesel
(Absent: Associate Professor Agnes Dodds, Mr Jonathan Norton, Professor Richard Teese)
  • Dr Jennifer Conn, Ms Margo Collins, Associate Professor Agnes Dodds, Dr Ruth Sutherland - Medical Education Unit: Medicine, Dentistry & Health Sciences

    For developing an innovative early clinical skills program for medical students that promotes skills acquisition using a structured and evidence-based approach.

  • Ms Christine Enker - Academic Enrichment Services: International Careers & Employment

    For excellence in developing international student employability and enhancing global graduate outcomes through the creation and provision of high quality, careers and employment programs.

  • Professor Gordon Lynch - Physiology: Medicine, Dentistry & Health Sciences

    For over 15 years of sustained excellence in supervision, support and mentoring of undergraduate and postgraduate scholars on their research journeys in the biomedical sciences.

  • Mr Jonathan Norton - Counselling Service: Wellbeing Services

    For leadership in the provision of counselling, psychological services and personal development opportunities to students, to assist them to perform to their full academic potential.

  • Dr Laura Parry - Zoology: Faculty of Science

    For commitment to innovative undergraduate curriculum design, incorporating ethics and responsibility in the life sciences to enhance student understanding and appreciation of diversity.

  • Dr Sean Pinder - Department of Finance: Faculty of Economics and Commerce

    For the development and implementation of numerous effective innovations in teaching finance and the successful engagement with practitioners in these innovations.

  • Dr David Pitt - Centre for Actuarial Studies: Faculty of Economics and Commerce

    For ongoing and sustained commitment to providing actuarial students with a learning environment that nurtures, motivates and develops graduates with outstanding analytic and business skills.

  • Professor Richard Teese, Professor Jack Keating, Associate Professor John Polesel, Dr Veronica Volkoff - CPELL: Melbourne Graduate School of Education

    For excellence in providing students with an inspirational and experiential approach to the analysis of education and training policy in an international comparative context.

  • Associate Professor Neil Strathmore - Medicine, Dentistry & Health Sciences

    For over 35 years of inspirational teaching and mentoring of medical students and for contributions to the development of medical curricula and teaching materials.

2008 University ALTC citation recipients

  • Associate Professor Mary Ainley - School of Behavioural Science: Medicine, Dentistry & Health Sciences

    For sustained improvements to teaching and learning in undergraduate psychology programs by introducing new technologies, improving curriculum design and developing the pedagogical skills of tutors.

  • Professor Warren Bebbington - Faculty of Music

    For more than 30 years of sustained excellence in teaching music, particularly his exceptional and inspirational lectures in opera and pioneering multimedia in advanced music theory.

  • Mr Matthew Brett - Disability Liaison Unit

    For excellence in disability services, exemplified by an innovative system for delivering live captions into learning spaces to nullify the academic impact of profound deafness.

  • Ms Lisa Hayes - Chemical, Biomolecular and Biomedical Engineering: Melbourne School of Engineering

    For a decade of sustained commitment to encouraging student engagement and providing exceptional pastoral care to students during their endeavours at university.

  • Dr Brian Krongold - Electrical and Electronic Engineering: Melbourne School of Engineering

    For motivating engineering students to become more analytical thinkers through an engaging and structured approach to teaching which emphasises reasoning and intuition over memorisation.

  • Associate Professor Andrew Ooi - Mechanical Engineering: Melbourne School of Engineering

    For sustained excellence in engaging and inspiring students in technical engineering subjects and research supervision and for continuing leadership in academic administration.

2007 University Carrick citation recipients

  • Professor Jeff Borland - Department of Economics: Faculty of Economics and Commerce

  • For two decades of teaching of large student cohorts in economics, including innovative curriculum design and resource development to support student learning.

  • Dr Jui-shan Chang - School of Political Science, Criminology, & Sociology: Faculty of Arts

    For a decade of innovative pedagogy that has positively influenced students' learning experiences and cross-cultural sensibilities and understanding.

  • Dr Shanika Karunasekera - Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering: Melbourne School of Engineering

    For continuous engagement of, and with, engineering students to improve their learning outcomes through innovative and effective problem-based teaching and a unique student development approach.

  • Professor Ian Malkin - Office for Teaching and Learning in Law: Melbourne Law School

    For ongoing leadership and commitment to creating a stimulating, nurturing learning environment in law.

  • Associate Professor Philomena Murray - Contemporary Europe Research Centre: Faculty of Arts

    For pioneering the first European Union curriculum in Australia and leadership in national and international curriculum development through sustained commitment to student learning and research.

  • Dr Angela Paladino - Department of Management and Marketing: Faculty of Economics and Commerce

    For exceptional innovation and influence in creating authentic and contemporary learning experiences for undergraduate students studying in the 'marketing' field.

  • Mrs Cheryl Power - Department of Microbiology and Immunology: Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences

    For exceptional dedication and leadership in the development of learning and teaching in Microbiology, particularly through the Australian Society for Microbiology's Education Special Interest Group.

  • Ms Marcelle Scott - The Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation: Faculty of Arts

    For innovation in the development of an industry focussed, internationally relevant curriculum in the interdisciplinary field of Materials Conservation, that engages and stimulates student learning.

  • Associate Professor David Shallcross - Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering: Melbourne School of Engineering

    For sustained commitment to excellence, innovation and leadership in chemical engineering education in Australia and internationally.

  • Associate Professor Harald Sondergaard - Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering: Melbourne School of Engineering

    For sustained excellence in teaching over more than 15 years, and for a decade's institutional leadership in educational reform and staff development.

2006 University Carrick citation recipients

  • Assoc. Prof Philip Batterham - Genetics/Bio 21 Institute: Faculty of Science

    For an exceptional record in the supervision, support and career mentoring of research higher degree students that has led to outstanding graduate outcomes.

  • Dr Jamie Evans - Electrical and Electronic Engineering: Faculty of Engineering

    For sustained commitment to improving the learning outcomes and student engagement in a first year engineering subject.

  • Ms Tammie Goates - Information Education Services: Faculty of Veterinary Science

    For creating a library learning centre where the academic and emotional needs of every student are recognised and supported, and the learning community celebrated.

  • Assoc. Prof Robert Kemm - Physiology: Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences

    For excellence in teaching through over a decade of sustained innovation and evaluation of computer-assisted learning for small group collaborative student activities.

  • Prof. Tim Lindsey - Melbourne Law School

    For sustained commitment to the supervision of RHD students researching Asian Legal systems and institutional leadership in improving the learning experience of international RHD students.

  • Dr Kay Margetts - Early Learning, Development and Inclusion: Faculty of Education

    For the creation and use of imaginative ICT-based curriculum resources for actively engaging students, from large classes, in individual and collaborative learning.

  • Dr Patricia McLean - Equity, Language and Learning Programs

    For national leadership in creating outstanding policies and resources resulting in significant improvement in the experience of students from diverse backgrounds, particularly those with disabilities.

  • Prof Alistair Moffat - Computer Science and Software Engineering: Faculty of Engineering

    For sustained teaching excellence over two decades, for involvement in transition programs for new students and new staff, and for leadership in educational administration.

  • Ms Sandra Uren - Microbiology and Immunology: Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences

    For generating student enthusiasm and creating effective approaches to learning by initiating and coordinating the integration of theory and practical classes in microbiology and immunology.