Good Feedback Practices (2014)
Prompts and guidelines for reviewing and enhancing
feedback for students

Ryan Naylor, Chi Baik, Christine Asmar and Kim Watty

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Guide for Reviewing Assessment (2005).
A question-based checklist of the fundamental aspects of effective assessment primarily designed for use by coordinators of subjects and courses. Also useful to those involved in assessment design, practice or policy development.
It is recommended that the PDF version be used for general distribution of this document. Double-sided printing is recommended.
The Guide for Reviewing Assessment was developed for the University of Melbourne but permission is granted for copying, distribution and use by other institutions, with appropriate acknowledgement.
Some users may elect to replace the examples with ones they believe best illustrate thoughtful and practical approaches to assessment relevant to their disciplines and teaching and learning environments. Any such modifications must be clearly identified as such on the modified MSWord version
Bioassess: Enhancing Assessment in the Biological Sciences - ideas and resources for university educators (2007).(Website)
The bioassess website presents a comprehensive picture of assessment practice and learning priorities in the biological sciences. It incorporates specific examples drawn from undergraduate courses in a diverse arrary of life science disciplines, and provides strategies and tips to guide good practice in assessment. While having a focus on the biological sciences, the bioassess site has much wider application and covers topics of relevance to all disciplines.