Assessment and Feedback

Assessment, credentialling and recognition in the digital era: Recent developments in a fertile field

Sandra Milligan, Gregor E Kennedy and David Israel (2018)

The authors report and comment on findings from a survey, undertaken in 2016 on behalf of the University of Melbourne, of some of the most prominent and/or innovative developments in post-school online assessment and credentialling, focusing particularly on uses of digital technologies and their application in the continuing professional development sector. Drawing on a series of case studies and ‘snapshots’, they identify ten emergent themes and conclude that many questions remain to explore, especially relating to whether or not, and how, digital technologies will support productive reforms to learning and assessment in schools and other institutions.

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Good Feedback Practices

Ryan Naylor, Chi Baik, Christine Asmar and Kim Watty (2014)

The purpose of this guide is to offer advice and suggestions on providing effective feedback as well as examples of assessment systems teaching staff may be able to adopt in their own classes. It also contains a framework for reflecting on and evaluating existing feedback practice.

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Guide for Reviewing Assessment

Kerri-Lee Harris (2005)

A question-based checklist of the fundamental aspects of effective assessment. The guide can be used to evaluate current assessment practice, and to test the merits of alternative approaches. It is a tool for practical application, not a reference document. It provides a framework, not a prescription.

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Involving Students in Peer Review

Jon Pearce, Raoul Mulder and Chi Baik (2009)

This guide has been developed as a resource for teaching staff and course/subject coordinators who are considering integrating student peer review in their subjects. While the case studies and tools described in this booklet are specific to the University of Melbourne, the discussion has broad applicability and relevance to other higher education institutions in Australia and abroad.

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Raoul Mulder CSHE

Raoul Mulder (2013)

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