Universities and postwar recovery 1943-57


This project investigates the effect of the university education-led recovery in postwar Australia from 1943 to 1957 by undertaking a collective biographical survey of 6,500 ex-service men and women university graduates funded under the Commonwealth Reconstruction Training Scheme. The project will generate new knowledge in the history of Australian war repatriation, the development of the professions and the history of higher education. The project findings will enhance understanding of the qualities of an education-led recovery and the worth of public investment in higher education.


Investigate the impact and transformative effect of the university-led recovery on postwar Australia under the Commonwealth Reconstruction Training Scheme (CRTS); survey the life trajectories of university-education men and women who were funded by CRTS and develop a database of university-educated service men and women as a publicly accessible archival and biographical collection online.


ARC Special Research Initiatives 2020


  • Associate Professor Julia Horne, The University of Sydney
  • Professor Stephen Garton, The University of Sydney
  • Professor Kate Darian-Smith, University of Tasmania
  • Dr James Waghorne, The University of Melbourne

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Dr James Waghorne, Melbourne CSHE, The University of Melbourne