Graduate research degree opportunities

As a leading research centre actively involved in higher education research and practice, the Melbourne CSHE provides an intellectually stimulating and collegial environment for graduate research. Our staff supervise PhD, DEd and master’s degree students researching contemporary issues in higher education and tertiary education more broadly.

  • The application process

    Applications for graduate degree programs by research are managed by the admissions team at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education (MGSE). The application process can be accessed via:

    Select the drop-down category: ‘Graduate research degrees’. Here  you will find information regarding application process, requirements, dates and deadlines.

  • Research at Melbourne CSHE

    Staff at Melbourne CSHE supervise research and research projects related to higher education. These topics include:

    • Higher education policy
    • Teaching and learning
    • Curriculum development
    • Assessment and evaluation
    • The student experience
    • Leadership, management, and institutional reform
    • The academic profession and professional development
    • Research policy and organisation
    • Quality assurance
    • Equity in higher education
    • Cross-sectoral relations in tertiary education
    • The contribution of universities to economy, society, and community
    • International education and globalisation
    • Comparative international trends
    • Higher education in the Asia-Pacific region
    • The use of technology in higher education
    • Online learning and eLearning
  • Preparing your proposal

    The research proposal is an essential part of your application. Potential supervisors will need to see a well-crafted proposal before endorsing you as a student. Details on proposal requirements may be found on MGSE application webpage under the drop-down category, 'Graduate research degrees:'

    If you are still deciding on a proposal topic, you may want to go to our staff profiles before drafting your proposal to see if you can create clear connections between your topic and the research areas of a potential supervisor.

  • Finding a supervisor

    As a candidate, you will need to find a staff member willing and able to take you on as a student. Please use the following resources to identify potential supervisors and contact them directly.

    If, after reviewing these resources you are unsure about which Melbourne CSHE staff members may be a good potential match, please contact us via the web form below and provide some details on your intended topic and interests. 
    Finding a supervisor at the Melbourne CSHE
    Based on what you provide, we will suggest potential supervisors you may contact.

    In your first email to a potential supervisor, it is important to make a clear connection between your intended research topic and their area of research expertise. Generic email ‘blasts’ are not a successful strategy for receiving a response. Please attach your research proposal (or a short summary) and CV when contacting your potential supervisors via email.

    Please note: Finding a potential supervisor is only part of the application process. For a complete picture of the application process, be sure to familiarise yourself with all the information on this website and the MGSE application process for graduate research degrees: