Melbourne Aspiring Leaders and Managers Program


The Melbourne Aspiring Leaders and Managers (MALM) program is designed for new and aspiring managers to develop their skills, knowledge and capacities to lead and manage effectively.

A unique feature of MALM that has been highly prized by previous participants is its delivery to mixed cohorts made up of both professional and academic staff. This feature has been lauded by participants for the way it enables a richer and fuller understanding of the University environment, particularly on issues around leadership and management.

The flexible study program was developed by practitioners in the higher and vocational education sectors and combines theoretical insights with practical realities and ‘real world’ case studies. Participants undertake self-paced online learning and guided discussions, developing critical reflective practice and interacting with others experiencing similar issues.

Suitable for

This program is for the University of Melbourne professional and academic staff who aspire to or are newly appointed to leadership and management positions.

Program structure

The Melbourne Aspiring Leaders and Managers program consist of four online modules: Two modules commencing in a February/March cohort and two modules commencing in a July/August cohort. Each module involves online assessments and a series of workshops.

Module 1
Managing and Developing Yourself: 
focusing on leading the self; developing a critical reflective practice; and developing intra-personal intelligence

Module 2
Managing and Developing Others: 
addressing interpersonal intelligence, the specifics of transitioning to a management role; managing workplace relationships and developing others.

Module 3
Managing and Developing the Business:
situates business development within the tertiary sector and includes thinking and working strategically in tertiary education institutions.

Module 4
Understanding the Tertiary Education Landscape:
covering the history and evolution of higher education policy processes and outcomes, and the increasing importance of leadership and management considerations for policy settings, institutional governance, funding, internationalisation, diversity, and globalisation.

Participants will receive a formal Statement of Accomplishment upon successful completion of each individual module's assessment requirements.


Please note the schedule for the 2022 Beta cohort is still being finalised. Below is the schedule for the MALM Alpha Cohort - Semester 1, 2022, please use this as an indication of workshop schedules.

Module 1Introductory Session10am - 1pm17 March 2022
 Mid-module Workshop10am - 1pm7 April 2022
 End of Module Workshop10am - 1pm28 April 2022
 Assessments Due9am16 May 2022
Module 2Introductory Session10am - 1pm19 May 2022
 Mid-module Workshop10am - 1pm9 June 2022
 End of Module Workshop10am - 1pm30 June 2022
 Assessments Due9am18 July 2022
Module 3Introductory Session10am - 1pm18 August 2022
 Mid-module Workshop10am - 1pm8 September 2022
 End of Module Workshop10am - 1pm19 September 2022
 Assessments Due9am17 October 2022
Module 4Introductory Session10am - 1pm27 October 2022
 Mid-module Workshop10am - 1pm17 November 2022
 End of Module Workshop10am - 1pm1 December 2022
 Assessments Due9am19 December 2022

Optional Advanced Standing for further study

Participants who complete all four modules will receive a Certificate of Program Completion. This enables the participant to undertake a Capstone project for Advanced Standing in one of the LH Martin Institute Graduate Certificate programs. Completion of a Capstone project provides advanced standing of 12.5 credit points towards an LH Martin Institute Graduate Certificate.

How to Apply

This professional development program is free for the University of Melbourne staff.

Applications for Semester 2 Beta Cohort are now open.

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Program content

Dr Gwilym Croucher, Program Coordinator