What will the Tehan changes mean for students and universities?

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The Coalition Government have proposed significant changes to funding universities and student contributions, alongside a suite of other policy measures that affect Australian higher education. The complexity of the proposals means the devil is in the detail, with much still unclear about the implications for students and universities.

The Melbourne CSHE hosted an expert discussion to examine key details and implications of the package, with presentations by Frank Larkins, Tamson Pietsch and Mark Warburton.

Professor Emeritus Frank Larkins is an Honorary Professorial Fellow of the Melbourne CSHE and former Deputy Vice-Chancellor at the University.

Associate Professor Tamson Pietsch is Senior Lecturer in Social & Political Sciences and Director of the Australian Centre for Public History at UTS.

Mark Warburton is an Honorary Senior Fellow of the Melbourne CSHE, a director of PhillipsKPA and former senior public servant with responsibility for higher education funding.