Taking stock and resetting for the new normal

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Cathleen Benevento


LH Martin Institute/ATEM webinar

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The impact of COVID-19 will result in a transformation of Australian higher education as it responds to changing student cohorts, funding shortfalls and new work practices, amidst a different policy context.

This joint LH Martin Institute and ATEM seminar reviewed the unprecedented changes that occurred in 2020, reflected on what we could learn from past changes and disruptions, shared staff and student experiences, and looked ahead to 2021. The panellists drew upon their most recent papers on university responses to COVID-19 and impact on jobs, casual university staff, and professional staff and sustainable organisational change. They provided the latest publicly available information on the sector’s job losses.

Finally, the panel in an interactive session explored ideas on how we could renew the higher education post-pandemic workforce and recognise the valuable contributions of academic and professional staff into the future.

Liz Baré and Janet Beard are Honorary Senior Fellows with the LH Martin Institute at the University of Melbourne. Liz and Janet have worked in several universities in Australia in senior executive roles over many years. Liz and Janet are experienced senior consultants with experience in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific. In addition, Janet chairs a private provider company board. Liz teaches in the eLamp program.

Associate Professor Ian Marshman AM is an Honorary Principal Fellow at the Melbourne Centre of the Study of Higher Education. Ian was the University of Melbourne’s Senior Vice-Principal ('Chief Operating Officer') for over 19 years.

Teresa Tjia is a strategic advisor and Honorary Fellow at the LH Martin Institute. Teresa has extensive experience as a senior executive leading organisational transformation, engagement and governance.