Daniel Edwards

Daniel Edwards

Honorary Senior Fellow

Melbourne CSHE

Daniel Edwards is a Principal Research Fellow, leading the Tertiary Education research program at the Australian Council for Educational Research. Dr Edwards is responsible for coordinating ACER’s higher education, and vocational education and training research. He leads a team of researchers with a wide range of expertise in policy research, assessments and surveys.

Dr Edwards’ research encompasses a range of educational issues, with particular emphasis on higher education. He has a keen interest in all aspects of education policy and has explored issues relating to graduate and alumni outcomes, supply of and demand for higher education, student achievement, student aspirations and pathways, selection policies for entrance to university, assessment development and educational ‘choice’ theories. He also has experience researching wider social issues regarding social stratification and demographic change. Dr Edwards’ PhD thesis, completed in 2007, explored the increasing competition in the school education market in Victoria and the influence of this competition on pathways to university.

Dr Edwards is currently the Facility Manager for the DFAT Australia Awards Global Tracer Facility, a research facility designed to collect, analyse and disseminate insight into the outcomes of Alumni from the Australia Awards and similar Australian Government scholarships. He has also lead numerous large projects in higher education designed to enhance policy development such as National Project Management of AHELO in Australia, the National Research Student Survey, the Japanese University Experience Survey, the Australian Medical Assessment Collaboration, a stock-take of Work Integrated Learning in STEM, the development of the AHELO Contextual Dimension, research and advice to the Victorian Higher Education Expert Panel and analysis and modelling of supply and demand for researchers in Australia.

Refereed journal publications

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Book Chapters

Lennon, M. C., Fukahori, S, & Edwards, D. (forthcoming) ‘Global assessments of disciplinary knowledge: What we learned from AHELO’, in Hazelkorn, E., Coates, H. & McCormick, A. C. (eds.) Research Handbook on Quality, Performance and Accountability in Higher Education, Edward Elgar.

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Refereed conference papers

Edwards, D. (2015) ‘Exploring the student experience across different systems: understanding context and assisting benchmarking’, at EAIR 37th Annual Forum, August, Krems.

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Competitive Research Grants

Funding body: National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education

Year 2016-2017

Project title: Understanding the completion patterns of equity students in regional education

Role: Co-Chief Investigator

Funding body: National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education

Year: 2014-2015

Project title: Completing University in a Growing Sector, is Equity an Issue?

Role: Chief Investigator

Funding body: Office for Learning and Teaching

Year: 2013-2014

Project title: Australian Medical Assessment Collaboration: from proof of concept to proof of sustainability (ID12-2482)

Role: Co-Chief Investigator

Funding body: Australian Learning and Teaching Council

Year: 2010-2012

Project title: Developing the foundations for a national assessment of medical student learning outcomes (SP10-1869)

Role: Project Manager/researcher

Funding body: Australian Research Council

Year: 2003-2004

Project title: The determinants of educational achievement in Australia (DP0344641)

Role: Research Fellow

Selected Research Reports (publicly available)

Edwards, D, & McMillan, J. (2015) Completing university in a growing sector: Is equity an issue? National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education and Australian Council for Educational Research. Available at: http://research.acer.edu.au/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1045&context=higher_education

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