Collegial Feedback on Teaching: A guide to peer review

There was once a time, not too long ago, when it was difficult to find an academic with experience of having their teaching reviewed by a peer. Times have changed. An increasing number of university teaching staff are undertaking peer review as part of their professional practice, often through participation in teaching development or department-based programs, but also informally, by arranging for a colleague to visit a class or take a look at teaching materials.

Good teaching includes the continuous monitoring of the effects of teaching on students’ learning using a variety of evaluative techniques. As the name suggests, peer review of teaching is simply the process of having a colleague review one’s teaching and provide feedback. This can then be used alongside student feedback to provide an academic with a broad perspective on the effectiveness of what they do which, in turn, assists them to develop appropriate responses to the findings.

Author: Kelly Farrell

Published: 2011

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Peer review

Peer review