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This page houses a number of documents from a range of Faculties, School and Departments, in which support is offered to colleagues who are new to teaching  at the University of Melbourne. It also includes links to relevant websites.These  documents include a number of mechanisms and initiatives that are in place to  support sessional teachers broadly defined (for example, tutors, demonstrators,  clinical assistants or tutors, clinical supervisors, lecturers, seminar  leaders, teaching assistants). Read more about who is embraced by the term 'sessional teacher' in The Melbourne Sessional Teachers' Handbook. In many respects, the material included in this  page supplements or complements  earlier work undertaken at the University, in particular the CSHE, whose  relevant documents are linked to this page.The  materials in this repository provide examples of practices which could be  adopted and adapted across Faculties, Schools and Departments. They include  illustrations of specific, practical, tangible suggestions and useful  strategies that can be readily implemented to improve the quality of the  teaching and learning experience and help create a sense of community among  colleagues new to teaching at the University of Melbourne, with special emphasis  on sessional teachers.

The resources included here have been put together by the Teaching and Learning Quality Assurance Committee (TALQAC) working group with the help of a large number of colleagues across the University of Melbourne.


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From the Teaching and Learning Quality Assurance Committee

Support for First Time Teachers: The Melbourne Way 2015.

From the Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education

The Melbourne Sessional Teachers' Handbook (2013).

Online Induction for Sessional Teachers.

Other online resources on teaching and learning.

We also recommend all new sessional staff to enquire about orientation and other professional development opportunities within their Faculty and/or Graduate School.

From the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning Induction in Learning and Teaching (2016)

Facilities induction (2016)

Occupational Health and Safety information for sessional staff and tutors (2016)
From the Faculty of Arts

Tutor Manual (2015)

Teaching and Learning Policies, Procedures and Guidelines document (2015) and website

Resources for Teachers document (2015) and website

From the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences

School of Psychological Sciences Tutor Training Day Questions and Scenarios

School of Psychological Sciences 2015 Mid-Year Tutor Training Day presentation

School of Psychological Sciences Peer Evaluation - Tutor Feedback (2015)

From the Melbourne School of Engineering
From the Melbourne Law School

2016 Legal Method and  Reasoning - How to embed teaching advice in a multi-stream subject with a large  number of new teachers (extracts).

Teachers' Brief (Melbourne JD) - in particular 'Guidelines on the role of subject coordinators' (2015).

'What to expect of your lecturer' (2015).

'Professional behaviour guidelines' (2014).

Teachers' Brief (Breadth Subjects, 2016).

Induction Handbook for Sessional Staff (2014).

From the Faculty of Science

Tutor Induction (2015)

Staff Services and Contact Guide (2015)

From external/non-University of Melbourne sources

Smart Casual: an Office for Learning and Teaching funded national project and collaboration of academics from five Australian law schools producing a suite of professional development modules for sessional teachers of law.

To date, this project has published three interactive, self-directed professional modules on engagement, problem solving and feedback, which is of value to all teachers, beyond the discipline of law. More modules will be available in June 2016.

Read more about the project team and its expert review panel members and their report on the first phase of the project.


We would like to thank the large number of University colleagues who were consulted during the course of developing these resources. Particular  thanks to the following for their assistance, including those who developed materials  that have been included in this resource.

  • Associate Professor Helen Anderson, Associate Dean Undergraduate, Melbourne Law School
  • Dr Teresa Angelico, Melbourne Graduate School of Education
  • Dr Chi Baik, Senior Lecturer in Higher Education, Melbourne Centre  for the Study of Higher Education
  • Associate Professor Felicity Anne Baker, Associate Dean  Academic, Faculty of Victorian College of the Arts and Melbourne Conservatorium  of Music
  • Dr Danielle Chmielewski-Raimondo, Department of  Management and Marketing, Faculty of Business and Economics
  • Associate Professor Larissa McLean Davies,  Deputy  Director – Learning and Teaching, Melbourne Graduate School of  Education
  • Associate Professor Alison Duxbury, Associate Dean, Juris  Doctor
  • Professor Jamey Evans, Deputy Dean (Academic), Melbourne School of Engineering
  • Colleagues at the Faculty of Science
  • Professor John Howe, Deputy Dean, Melbourne Law School
  • Dr Judi Humberstone, Lecturer / Undergraduate Programs  Convenor, Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences, Faculty of Medicine,  Dentistry and Health Sciences
  • Professor Richard James, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Academic)  and Director, Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education
  • Associate Professor Sunita Jogarajan, Melbourne Law  School
  • Associate Professor and Reader Wayne Kimpton, Associate  Dean Learning and Teaching, Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences
  • Associate Professor Parshia Lee-Stecum, Program Director,  Bachelor of Arts, Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning), Faculty of Arts
  • Ms Emily Mackay, Program Manager -  Innovation and Program Manager, Melbourne Graduate School of Education
  • Ms Rosemary McKenzie, Director of Teaching and Learning,  Melbourne School of Population and Global Health,  Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health  Sciences
  • Ms Judith Marychurch,  Assistant Dean -  Teaching and Learning, Melbourne Law School
  • Dr Antonette Mendoza, Department of Computing and  Information Systems, Melbourne School of Engineering
  • Professor Andrew Ooi, Department of Mechanical  Engineering, Melbourne School of Engineering
  • Dr Andrys Onsman, Teaching and Learning Unit, Bachelor of Environments, Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning
  • Associate Professor Jeannie Paterson, Associate  Dean Juris Doctor,  Melbourne Law School
  • Dr Stefan Popenici, Melbourne School of Design,  Teaching and Learning Unit, Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning.

TALQAC Working Group members

  • Associate Professor Menaka Abuzar, Director of Learning and Teaching, Melbourne Dental School, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences
  • Dr Stephen Best, School of Chemistry, Faculty of Science
  • Dr Danielle Chmielewski-Raimondo, Department of Management and Marketing, Faculty of Business and Economics
  • Dr Wendy Haslem, Screen Studies, School of Culture and Communication, Faculty of Arts
  • Dr Birgit Lang, School of Languages and Linguistics, Faculty of Arts
  • Mr Yu Kong Low, President, UMSU International
  • Professor Ian Malkin, Melbourne Law School, Director Juris Doctor.

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