Enhancing interaction between domestic and international students

A feature of higher education in Australia is the cultural diversity of the student population. The absolute number of international students studying in Australian universities has increased dramatically in the last decade, as have the number and diversity of countries represented among the student populations of our universities. This diversity provides great potential for all students – both international and domestic – to interact with peers from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Evidence suggests however that successful peer interaction cannot be assumed simply because students share a campus or a course. So, what more can be done to harness the potential of student diversity? In particular, in what ways can university teaching promote interaction between students from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds?

This guide provides practical suggestions for enhancing local and international student interaction within teaching and learning contexts. It is underpinned by a framework which was the key outcome of the research project.

Authors: Sophie Arkoudis, Xin Yu, Chi Baik, Helen Borland, Shanton Chang, Ian Lang, Josephine Lang, Amanda Pearce and Kim Watty.

Published: 2010

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The video below, a key outcome of the research project, features academic staff and university students from a range of Australian universities.