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Postgraduate Essentials
Purchasing software and essentials

Postgraduate Essentials can be adapted to the specific needs of any tertiary institution delivering research higher degrees similar in structure to the Australian PhD. Commercial licenses have been sold to Universities across the world. The course is packaged for ready delivery through an online system and a production manual outlining system requirements and advice for implementing Postgraduate Essentials is available, as is online technical help.

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Eleven Practices of Effective Postgraduate Research Supervisors

Eleven Practices of Effective Postgraduate Research Supervisors is an accessible guide that spans the disciplines. Based on extensive research into effective supervision practices, it offers practical advice for both new supervisors and those wanting to brush up their supervisory skills.

Key topics covered include:

  • Building an effective supervisory relationship
  • negotiating expectations
  • providing good communication and feedback and
  • providing motivation and guidance.

ISBN 0 7340 3614 0
AU$19.95 (Incl. GST)

About the Authors

Dr Richard James is a higher education researcher. He has authored a number of significant national reports on higher education policy. Within the University of Melbourne he conducts professional development programs for academic staff and advises on good practice in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and learning. He supervises PhD, Doctor of Education and Master of Education research students in the area of higher education policy.

Dr Gabrielle Baldwin has worked in the field of  higher education research and academic staff development. She has designed and conducted many programs in teaching and learning for academic staff and has advised on higher education policy, particularly in relation to quality in teaching and learning. She has also conducted curriculum reviews and written a number of guides for academics on topics such as tutoring, supervision and the teaching–research nexus.

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