Dr Jeana Kriewaldt

Dr Jeana Kriewaldt has recently been appointed as a Sustainability in the Curriculum Fellow for the Melbourne Graduate School of Education.

During this two-year appointment, I will lead a project to work with my colleagues to map sustainability in the curriculum to capture a baseline of activity, increasing knowledge of current achievements across the Graduate School and then collaboratively develop approaches to enrich the experience for our students.

Sustainability sits strongly in the Science and Humanities teaching areas and there is scope to build this more broadly across the initial teacher education courses, Master of Education programs and breadth offerings, as sustainability is the key issue of our time. Drawing on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, issues of clean water, poverty, equality, climate, environmental degradation, prosperity, and peace and justice provide direction for ways to build knowledge and skills for sustainability.  Developing a sustainable future also requires interdisciplinary thinking, adaptability and an ethical approach.

This role is a joint appointment by Chancellery and the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, established as part of the University’s Sustainability Strategy 2017-2020, which commits to teaching and learning programs that “inspire and support students to be leaders for a sustainable future”. Please get in touch if you’d like to work toward that in MGSE.