Curriculum Design

Writing Learning Outcomes

Stefan Popenici and Victoria Millar (2015)

This handbook is specifically designed to support academics to develop and design learning outcomes for their courses. This handbook presents succinct and practical information for academics interested in learning more about learning outcomes by providing some general background information on learning outcomes, their function and some practical strategies for how to start thinking about and writing them.

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Developing Capstone Experiences

Annie Holdsworth, Kim Watty and Martin Davies (2009)

This guide provides an overview of the key features and considerations in developing capstone experiences, and offers practical advice and examples on incorporating capstone experiences in curriculum design.

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The Teaching-Research Nexus

Gabrielle Baldwin (2005)

The University of Melbourne strives to achieve an enriching nexus between research, learning and teaching. This document encourages consideration of ways in which the research-teaching nexus can be continually broadened and enhanced.

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Enhancing interaction between domestic and international students

Sophie Arkoudis, Xin Yu, Chi Baik, Helen Borland, Shanton Chang, Ian Lang, Josephine Lang, Amanda Pearce and Kim Watty (2010)

A feature of higher education in Australia is the cultural diversity of the student population. The absolute number of international students studying in Australian universities has increased dramatically in the last decade, as have the number and diversity of countries represented among the student populations of our universities. This diversity provides great potential for all students – both international and domestic – to interact with peers from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Evidence suggests however that successful peer interaction cannot be assumed simply because students share a campus or a course. So, what more can be done to harness the potential of student diversity? In particular, in what ways can university teaching promote interaction between students from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds?

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Enhancing Student Mental Wellbeing: A Handbook for Academic Educators

Chi Baik, Wendy Larcombe, Abi Brooker, Johanna Wyn, Lee Allen, Matthew Brett, Rachael Field and Richard James (2017)

Universities across Australia are increasingly aware of the growing prevalence and severity of mental health difficulties across their student populations. This project will support sector-wide conversations, a whole-of-institution approach and pedagogical innovations that promote mental health and wellbeing. It will make accessible the research, theoretical approaches and promising practices that are prompting change in this area, and it will offer practical resources to assist academic educators better support the mental wellbeing and academic outcomes of students.

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