Students' Wellbeing

Framework for Promoting Student Mental Wellbeing in Universities

Chi Baik, Wendy Larcombe, Abi Brooker, Johanna Wyn, Lee Allen, Matthew Brett, Rachael Field, Richard James (2016)

There is a strong and expanding evidence base indicating that university students are a ‘very high risk population’ for psychological distress and mental disorders, and that the prevalence and severity of mental health difficulties is growing across student populations. The research raises a pressing question for administrators and educators: Given that a substantial proportion of students will experience mental health difficulties during their time at university, how can universities ensure they provide supportive and ‘health-promoting’ environments?

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Enhancing Student Wellbeing

This website offers research-based guidance for academic teachers and leaders – as the drivers of innovation in university teaching and learning – to understand how and why particular curriculum choices or pedagogical approaches might support or undermine the psychological needs and academic outcomes of university students.

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Healthy Students, Healthy Institutions

Jonathan Norton and Matthew Brett (2011)

A discussion paper setting the scene for the 2011 National Summit on the Mental Health of Tertiary Students, which aimed to produce standards, goals or other benchmarks concerning the mental health of tertiary students that will guide institutional policies, programs and practices in Australia.

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Notes from the 2011 National Summit on the Mental Health of Tertiary Students

Elizabeth Harman (2011)

A summary of day 1 proceedings and discussion outcomes of the 2011 National Summit on the Mental Health of Tertiary Students.

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