Student Experience

International students' experience in Australian higher education: can we do better?

Sophie Arkoudis, Mollie Dollinger, Chi Baik and Allan Patience (2018)

A paper on the extent to which Australian universities are meeting the social and educational needs of international students.

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2017 Universities Australia Student Finances Survey

Sophie Arkoudis, Samantha Marangell, Chi Baik, Cameron Patrick, Emmaline Bexley and Richard James (2018)

The Universities Australia commissioned and funded this research and analysis of cost of living challenges for university students in Australia. The survey was based on previous iterations, particularly from 2012 and 2006.

Download the report (PDF) from the Universities Australia website
The First Year Experience in Australian Universities

Chi Baik, Ryan Naylor and Sophie Arkoudis (2015)

This report provides an analysis of trends over a twenty year period in the attitudes and experiences of first year students in Australian universities. It is based on the national survey of first year students undertaken by the Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education at five-yearly intervals since 1994.

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University student finances in 2012

Emmaline Bexley, Suzanne Daroesman, Sophie Arkoudis and Richard James (2012)

Australian higher education has changed dramatically since the previous iteration of Universities Australia's longitudinal study of university students' finances in 2006. In particular, the Review of Australian Higher Education and the resulting policy package Transforming Australia's Higher Education System have led to large increases in participation in higher education, with many older students entering the system, as well as more students from families in which a university education has not been the norm, particularly since the uncapping of domestic undergraduate places last year. The review, and the resulting policy and legislative changes, have seen welcome increases in student income support and the extension of income support to many masters by coursework students, as well as the uncapping of undergraduate domestic places and a greater focus on equity than was the case previously.

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Internationalising the student experience in Australian tertiary education

Sophie Arkoudis, Chi Baik, Simon Marginson and Elizabeth Cassidy (2012)

To date, efforts to improve the interaction between international and domestic students have been mostly isolated from teaching and learning and mostly focused on activities outside the classroom. A key premise of this project is that positive aspects of student experience and teaching/learning opportunities that are available in an international education context offer a combined benefit to both domestic and international students.

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