Dual delivery teaching in practice

With the shift to dual delivery teaching, what learnings from wholly online teaching in 2020 can be translated to support teaching and student learning in 2021 and beyond? In this video, hear from Dr Michelle Rank and Dr Grace Thompson who discuss practices and strategies they have used to support online and dual delivery teaching.


Dr Michelle Rank

Senior Lecturer, MDHS
Michelle is an enthusiastic and dedicated anatomy educator with a passion for integrating technology into hands-on teaching experiences in anatomy practical classes. She uses novel and engaging techniques in her teaching practice, including digital anatomy resources such as augmented reality, 3D anatomy apps, and bespoke 3D scans to enhance student learning and increase engagement. She is committed to excellence in anatomy education and providing an innovative and technology enhanced learning experience for all students.

Dr Grace Thompson

Head of Music Therapy, Faculty of Fine Arts and Music
Grace Thompson has been teaching in dual delivery and online modes since 2010. As the Course Coordinator of the Master of Music Therapy degree, Grace has experience leading both practice-based and theoretical subjects with off-campus learners residing in all States around Australia and Hong Kong. Grace is the winner of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music Canvas LMS Prize for her innovative approaches to creating presence and building community online.