Student Wellbeing and Course Experience 2017

Student Wellbeing and Course Experience (SWCE) Survey 2017:
A project to support and foster students’ mental health and wellbeing

About this project

This study examines course-related factors associated with student mental health and wellbeing in both undergraduate and professional graduate programs. It aims to advance understanding among university staff of the mental health needs of students and to inform the design of strategies to better support student wellbeing.

Key research questions:

  1. What course-related factors support or undermine student mental wellbeing in diverse educational programs?
  2. How can student mental wellbeing be enhanced and better supported by university staff and curriculum designers?

A diverse range of teaching programs is participating in the 2017 study, which is based on a pilot project administered in the Melbourne Law School in 2016. The findings from the study will enable the researchers to analyse student wellbeing through the lens of varied learning and teaching environments at both undergraduate and graduate levels, providing unique insight into a) the discipline and program specific factors and issues associated with student wellbeing and b) wellbeing-supportive strategies that might be effective across disciplines and programs.

The insights into student wellbeing and course experience gained through this project will benefit current and future students at The University of Melbourne. In particular, the project will assist educators to design curriculum and teaching practices that are informed by current and relevant information about student mental wellbeing. The findings of this study will also be shared with researchers from other universities, with the aim of improving university student wellbeing generally.

Participating faculties and schools

Faculty of Arts
Faculty of Business and Economics
Faculty of Science
Faculty of the Victorian College of the Arts and Melbourne Conservatorium of Music
School of Biomedical Sciences
Melbourne School of Engineering
Melbourne Graduate School of Education
Melbourne Veterinary School


Associate Professor Wendy Larcombe, Melbourne Law School
Dr Chi Baik, Melbourne CSHE

This project is supported by Chancellery and the Deans/Associate Deans of each participating faculty and school

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This project has received ethics approval from the University Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC: 1239160.2; Date: 01/08/2016). Should you have any concerns about the conduct of the study please contact the Executive Officer, Human Research Ethics of The University of Melbourne, phone: 8344 2073, fax 9347 6739.