Student feedback analytics

Determining students’ assessment feedback preferences for personal analytics solutions


This project is designed to investigate student preferences for the delivery of assessment feedback to improve their learning. In a mass and expanding higher education system we are seeing more participation of students from diverse backgrounds. However, students have routinely said they don't get enough access to staff and feedback to support their learning. While this feedback loop is a recognised critical issue in higher education, the increasing use of technology as part of teaching and learning could provide some solutions to this problem. The emerging field of learning analytics has potential to provide mechanisms for reducing some of the concerns students have about receiving feedback. The main outcomes of this project will be clearer evidence of what students want when it comes to analytics-based feedback and guidelines for how such feedback can be designed and delivered in higher education.

The project

The project investigates the types, format and timing of assessment feedback as it relates to personal analytics. By personal analytics we refer to information that is customised and delivered to the student about their own performance.

While previous studies have tended to collect students’ views on feedback provision at a single point in the semester through the use of focus groups, surveys and/or interviews, the current research adopts a longitudinal approach. Students were interviewed at four points throughout the semester to gauge what assessment feedback would be useful at particular points of time and in relation to particular forms of assessment. In addition to providing perspectives on feedback through interviews, participants were asked to help develop visualisations of feedback for their personal context.

Data was collected across the 12-week semester at the following intervals:

Week 1

Students' initial feedback perceptions

Week 6

Feedback in context + visualisation

Week 10

Feedback in context + visualisation


Reflection on feedback across semester

The study has been deliberately designed to involve students across a range of disciplines at different stages of their academic studies to provide a broad view of students’ needs and ideas. This will provide a foundation for further research into how the study’s findings can be transformed into practical tools and systems to support student learning in higher education institutions.

Project Outputs

Details of project outputs will be included here as they emerge.



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