Student wellbeing and university experiences

Our research on student wellbeing in higher education aims to foster and sustain university students' wellbeing and academic achievement. Our research program examines:

  • the prevalence of psychological distress and (positive) wellbeing among university student populations, and changes over time
  • course-related factors and university experiences associated with student mental health and wellbeing
  • the relationship between student wellbeing, course engagement and academic achievement
  • students' perceptions of their wellbeing and experiences at university, and their suggestions for  improvement

Research-informed resources for university educators

Our resources developed by a multi-disciplinary team of researchers aim to promote a whole-of-university approach to enhancing student wellbeing and to assist university educators and leaders to develop policies, curriculum and learning environments that promote and support student wellbeing and learning.

Research studies

Our research has involved a series of mixed-method studies including the Student Wellbeing and University Experience Survey (SWUES) conducted in four-year intervals (2013, 2017, 2021), and the Graduate Researcher Wellbeing and University Experience Survey (2018, 2022).

These studies examine the course-related factors associated with student mental health and wellbeing in coursework and graduate research programs. They aim to advance understanding among university staff of the mental health needs of students and graduate researchers to inform the design of strategies to better support student wellbeing and enhance their university experience.

Key research questions

  1. What course-related factors support or undermine student mental wellbeing in diverse educational programs?
  2. How can student mental wellbeing be enhanced and better supported by university staff and leaders?

Lead researchers

Associate Professor Wendy Larcombe and Professor Chi Baik

Recent publications

Graduate researcher wellbeing and university experiences


Professor Chi Baik