Learning analytics dashboards


This project aimed to develop a greater understanding of how students interpret and respond to feedback delivered through learning analytics and the influence this feedback has on self-regulated learning motivations and goals.


To address the aim a learning analytics dashboard was developed. The dashboard feedback was given to three groups of students, a first year biology class (n=14), a second year Japanese language class (n=10) and a first year architecture class (n=4), during the first semester of the 2014 academic year. A mixed methods approach was taken to collect data throughout the semester including an initial survey, two ‘think aloud’ interviews, and a final survey.


  • Linda Corrin, The University of Melbourne
  • Paula de Barba, The University of Melbourne


Conference Papers

Corrin, L., & de Barba, P. (2014). Exploring students’ interpretation of feedback delivered through learning analytics dashboards. In B. Hegarty, J. McDonald, & S.-K. Loke (Eds.), Rhetoric and Reality: Critical perspectives on educational technology. Proceedings ascilite Dunedin 2014 (pp. 629-633).

Conference Poster

Corrin, L. & de Barba (2015). How do students interpret feedback delivered via dashboards?. In P. Blikstein, A. Merceron, & G. Siemens (Eds.), Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Learning Analytics and Knowledge (pp. 430-431). New York: ACM.

Conference/Seminar Presentations

Corrin, L., & de Barba, P. (2015, May) Visualising Feedback: Students’ Interpretation of Learning Analytics Dashboards, MCSHE Innovations in Teaching and Learning Seminar Series (University of Melbourne).

Corrin, L. (2014, September) Helping students to stay up, mobile and personal: Enhancing the delivery of feedback through learning analytics dashboards, 21st Annual Conference of the Association for Learning Technology UK, Riding Giants: How to innovate and educate ahead of the wave (University of Warwick, UK).

More information

Dr Paula De Barba, Melbourne CSHE, The University of Melbourne