Integrating English language communication skills into disciplinary curricula


Every Australian university states that oral and written communication skills are important graduate attributes. There are also perceptions within the community that graduates lack the required levels of these skills. There is a gap between what universities espouse and community perceptions of graduates’ oral and written communication skills. This raises questions about the quality of Australian higher education.


To assist universities to strengthen their reputations regarding the English language standards of their graduates by:

  • Developing internal quality assurance processes to demonstrate that they assure their graduates’ English language standards
  • Utilising stronger evidence about graduate learning outcomes to recruit students from diverse backgrounds
  • Offering specific ways of responding to concerns and criticisms.


Professor Sophie Arkoudis, The University of Melbourne


The Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching


The final report can be found here.

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Professor Sophie Arkoudis, Melbourne CSHE, The University of Melbourne