Learning, Teaching and Assessment in Higher Education

Research themes

The aim of this program is to engage in research and scholarly activities leading to researched and evidence-based conceptualisations, theories and practices which can inform efforts to improve learning, teaching and assessment. To this end, this program aims to address the following issues:

    • Student assessment and feedback
    • ePortfolio and student learning
    • Interdisciplinarity and transferable skills
    • Admission, retention and success
    • Experiences of student engagement and teacher development

Research team

  • Professor Raoul Mulder, Professor in Higher Education
  • Professor Gregor Kennedy, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) and Professor of Higher Education
  • Associate Professor Karena Waller, Associate Professor in Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences
  • Dr Elisa Bone, Senior Lecturer in Higher Education Curriculum and Assessment – STEM
  • Dr Chris Deneen, Senior Lecturer in Higher Education Curriculum and Assessment
  • Dr Sarah French, Lecturer in Higher Education
  • Dr Tracii Ryan, Research Fellow in Higher Education
  • Robyn Barallon, Graduate Researcher
  • Thomas Mathew, Graduate Researcher
  • Pauline Ross, Graduate Researcher
  • Ben Symon, Graduate Researcher


For more information and interest in research collaborations, please contact Professor Raoul Mulder.