Educational Technology Research Group


The Educational Technology Research Group undertakes foundational research in the use of educational technologies for learning, teaching and assessment in higher education, with the overarching goal of informing policy and practice.

We are a multidisciplinary group drawing on expertise in educational technology, higher education, psychology and science education. We approach our research using mix-method designs, experimental studies and novel learning analytic techniques.

Our research demonstrates how contemporary and emerging technologies are used to: promote student learning; map individual learning processes; and facilitate teaching practice.

Research themes

The team

Previous Melbourne CSHE staff who were involved in the group:

  • Dr Jason Lodge
  • Dr Linda Corrin
  • Dr Rachel Searston
  • Dr Kelly Trezise
  • Alex Horton

We also work very closely with other researchers in the university including:

Research higher degree students

  • Tania Alers

    Masters student

    Cognitive and emotional influences on student learning

  • James Ballard

    PhD candidate

    Effectiveness of learning analytics for engagement profiles

  • Lis Conde

    PhD candidate

    Development of an eLearning toolkit for academics

  • Megan Garratt

    Masters student

    Digital badging and employability skills

  • Donia Malekian

    PhD Candidate

    Learning Analytics

  • Sadia Nawaz

    PhD candidate

    Early detection of confusion in digital learning environments

  • Hang Nguyen

    PhD candidate

    Blended learning for English language teaching in Vietnam

  • Namrata Srivastava

    PhD Candidate

    Learning Analytics

  • Paul Wiseman

    PhD candidate

    Learning task engagement in digital learning environments


If you are interested in undertaking research with this group please contact Kristine Elliott (email).