JHEPM Volume 43, Issue 6 (2021)

Welcome to the final issue of the Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management for 2021. Along with two book reviews for some summer holiday reading, there are seven articles of interest in this issue.  These articles can be freely accessed by logging into your ATEM account, with the Journal access under the Resources tab.  Once you’ve logged in and accessed the Journal, the links below will take you to the individual articles.

As we approach the end of 2021, we look forward to improving conditions in 2022.  Although 2022 is unlikely to see Australian higher education enter its post-Covid-19 phase, in this issue we have two forward-looking articles. Owen Hogan, Michael Charles and Michael Kortt examine COVID-19-related implications for business schools, while Sarah O’Shea, Paul Koshy and Catherine Drane focus on student equity.

For our managers, we have two articles on perennial topics that will remain on the agenda for years to come:  finances and workload models. Paul Cropper and Christopher Cowton examine financial scenario modelling and what it actually includes in the UK.  On workload models, Richard Goerwitz unsurprisingly also finds wide variation within a US university but offers a solution for ‘transparently analysing and comparing departmental teaching workloads in ways that promote a sense of fairness and that facilitate data-driven decision making’.

Although it feels somewhat nostalgic to discuss internationalisation, we can anticipate Chinese universities will continue to expand their global influence beyond 2021.  However, far less is known about the internationalisation of regional Chinese universities.  Xi Xi and Kate Rowlands find surprising motivations for using it as a means to ‘tick boxes’ and gain ‘political, academic and financial resources from the government’.  Xiaojie Li, John Haupt and Jenny Lee examine options for internationalisation at home versus abroad, examining the complex factors that underpin choices by students in a China-US law course.

    ‘Student mobility choices in transnational education: Impact of macro-, meso- and micro-level factors’ by Xiaojie Li, John Haupt and Jenny Lee doi.org/10.1080/1360080X.2021.1905496

Finally, we have Luke Wakely’s article on the difficulties transitioning from professional practice to academe, with recommendations for individual and systemic support.  Luke’s paper was developed from an eLAMP capstone paper, which demonstrates that good practitioner papers can be developed from a range of different sources.

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