The New Normal: Engaged Teaching & Learning webinar series

This webinar series explores ways in which people and institutions are responding to and learning from the current crisis and applying these lessons into learning, teaching, technology and student engagement. The New Normal is a collaboration between Melbourne CSHE and Learning Environments.

Panellists will include members of the Melbourne CSHE and Learning Environments teams, with some episodes featuring guest panellists from the University of Melbourne and the international Higher Education community.

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Episode One

Online examinations: Challenges, assumptions and best practices

Thursday 18 June 2020, 12pm
Presenters: Dr Chris Deneen, A/Prof Thom Cochrane, Dr Siew Fang Law and Learning Environments

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Episode Two

From emergency to emergent practice: What we’ve learned about interaction and engagement

Tuesday 28 July 2020, 1pm
Presenters: A/Prof Thom Cochrane, Dr Siew Fang Law, Ms Catherine Manning, Mr Brian Martin and Dr Chris Deneen

Abstract: As we emerge from our first COVID-19 semester, what are some lessons learned? In this episode of The New Normal, we explore answers relevant to interaction and engagement in online assessment. Panelists will discuss feedback from students, lecturer experiences and introduce an innovative case study on engagement coming out of Brazil. The panel will also explore how emergent practices are forming, and what this might mean for the next few semesters of teaching in higher education.

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Episode Three

Information about episode three will be available shortly.


Dr Chris Deneen, Program Coordinator