Tier 2: University-wide PRT

Tier 2: University-wide PRT

To support and complement faculty-based programs, the Tier 2 ‘Melbourne Peer Review of Teaching Program’ (MPRT), provides opportunities for formal assessment and recognition of teaching performance. The program involves a holistic review of individual teaching practice that includes a review of curriculum design, assessment practices and observation of teaching.

The MPRT program is a voluntary program for individuals electing to have their teaching reviewed by a member of the Melbourne College of Reviewers, comprising highly experienced academics with a demonstrated track record in teaching excellence.

In 2019, the program will be piloted with academic staff in two faculties: The Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences, and The Faculty of Business and Economics.

Stages of the review

The review consists of three parts:

  1. Teaching portfolio - See the Guide to Preparing a Teaching Portfolio for Peer Review
  2. Example of curriculum design/subject outline (more information)
  3. Observation of teaching (more information)

Melbourne Peer Review of Teaching Process

Frequently Asked Questions

Sample teaching portfolio 1

Sample teaching portfolio 2

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