Professional Development for Supervisors of Graduate Researchers

The Melbourne CSHE's professional development programs for supervisors of graduate researchers provide new and experienced supervisors with an opportunity to be informed about new policy, develop new skills, expand networks and find ways to better support their students.

All sessions are free, and completion is recorded in Themis. Completion also contributes towards meeting the requirements of  Supervisor Registration. Supervisors can access more information on the steps to follow to achieve registration on the Graduate research supervisor registration webpage.

Supervisors can currently choose between online or face-to-face workshops, although the face-to-face workshop is most beneficial to staff who are new to supervision of graduate researchers.

More information about graduate research supervision

Supervisor Eligibility and Registration Policy (MPF1322)

Supervising graduate researchers

Supervisor roles and responsibilities

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Workshop registration

Ms Cathleen Benevento, Senior Administrative Officer

Technical assistance (Themis, TrainME or training records)

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