Q&A Sessions on Assessment

Redesigning Assessment: Answering questions and discussing issues

The University’s move to a Virtual Campus means that many academics will have to change their assessment plans. This may include rethinking formative assessments, provision of feedback and use of examinations. To support staff in (re)designing their assessment, the Melbourne CSHE is offering weekly virtual office hours with an assessment expert who will discuss alternative assessment options and answer assessment-related questions. These are curriculum-oriented sessions designed to compliment the more technical and design-oriented sessions offered through Learning Environments.

One-one-one meeting sessions

Dr Christopher Deneen will be available 2pm-4.30pm on Tuesdays to discuss subject assessment with you and your team. Please submit a request with your time availability and you will be allocated to one of the free time slots.

Meeting request form

Open-book exams

While open-book exams are becoming more common practice in many disciplines, changing from closed-book to open-book exams requires careful consideration of examination design and assessment intentions.

The following guide provides advice on moving from in-place, closed-book examinations to open-book, remote assessment. It offers conceptual considerations, practical tips, and discusses the relative merits of two common approaches to open-book exams: those with strict time limits, and those with broad time limits (‘take-home’ exams)

Moving from closed-book to open-book exams guide