Purposeful Engagement Workshops


Have you ever faced obstacles when engaging with government, businesses or communities in your current role? Do you feel inadequately prepared when engaging outside academia? Do you want to build confidence and skills in purposeful engagement?

If you respond ‘yes’ to one of the above questions, then MCSHE’s inaugural Purposeful Engagement workshops could be for you. These workshops are designed and facilitated by learning and teaching award winner and peace psychologist, Dr Siew Fang Law.


The series aims to:

  • strengthen your confidence in enacting meaningful and ethical engagement practice;
  • deepen your understanding of different engagement contexts, roles, approaches and frameworks;
  • develop fundamental and purposeful engagement skills and capabilities; and
  • create a shared space for mutual learning from peers and experienced practitioners to discuss current trends, challenges and opportunities.


Each workshop is interactive and participatory in nature. You will have the opportunity to practice, reflect and improve the ways you approach, collaborate and partner with your potential and ongoing stakeholders. Case studies and good practices will be explored to deepen our learning.
These workshops will be delivered as online and face-to-face events to enable accessibility. Please refer to each upcoming workshop below to check delivery.

The workshops explore a range of topics, including:

  • What is engagement?
  • What does purposeful university engagement look like?
  • What are the core principles, discourses and narratives of engagement?
  • How to scan the engagement landscape
  • How to map and know our stakeholders
  • How to distinguish between knowledge transfer, knowledge exchange and knowledge co-creation and maximise the benefits to all
  • How to establish co-commitment and co-identifying the ‘problem’
  • How to co-design a purposeful project
  • How to negotiate and resolve disagreement
  • How to evaluate the quality of collaboration
  • How to develop your personal and purposeful engagement plan

This program draws on MCSHE’s Purposeful Engagement Handbook, set up to create safe spaces for professional peer learning processes.

This program has been discontinued.

For  current Professional development offerings on this topic please see the Partnerships, Leadership and Management section of the website.


Program content

Dr Siew Fang Law, Senior Lecturer, Engagement Lead and Program Facilitator

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